Attached Patio Covers Need This Maintenance Every Year

A home is one of the biggest assets you can ever have; hence, maintenance and care are a must. Patio covers are an excellent addition to your home and require low maintenance. However, this does not mean that they do not require care. Neglecting the patio covers shortens their lifespan and facilitates the wearing down process. The following are important tips on how you can maintain your attached patio covers, extend their lifespan and maximize your outdoor enjoyment.

Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

One great way of making sure your home stays in tip-top shape is to follow an annual maintenance checklist, which helps spread out costs and helps divide maintenance tasks so that you do not get overwhelmed by too much work. The following is a seasonal checklist for your attached patio covers:

1. Spring Patio Cleaning

You may want to give your patio covers a thorough cleaning before the arrival of the first robin. Armed with your cleaning and maintenance equipment, the maintenance process involves:

• Use a dry ceiling mop to dislodge any loose dirt, dust and cobwebs that may have gotten their way to your attached patio covers.
• If you have a garden hose, use it to spray the undersides of the patio covers to remove stubborn dirt.
• Using 1/3 cup of laundry detergent, 2/3-cup trisodium phosphate in water, break out the ladder and take off any remaining dirt on your attached patio covers.
• While cleaning, take a closer look into the crannies and shaded nocks to get rid of accumulated mildew and mold. Stains can be confusing; hence it is recommended to use a bleach-soaked rug to wipe out any persistent stains.
• During outdoor barbecue meetings, soot from the grill may leave stains on your patio covers’ underside. Use a damp sponge and kitchen greaser to wipe out the surface clean if this happens.
• Using the same solution of trisodium phosphate, clean the mildew, scrubbing it off using rubber gloves and goggles.

Before the cleaning commences, remove any flowers or furniture below the area being cleaned to prevent damage that may be caused by dripping bleach.

2. Fall Patio Maintenance

Excess weight on your patio covers can potentially damage the components and stress the panels. The only times where you need to be worried about the top of your structure are:

• Decaying leaves leave stains on the patio cover, which may be difficult to wash out when you need to remove accumulated leaves on the patio cover.
• When you have to clear out the gutter and other accumulated debris, not forget the environmental black streaking caused by electrostatic bonding.
• When heavy objects such as a tree branch impact the patio covers, you need to take them off to avoid damage.

Some maintenance can be done while standing on a stable ladder and using a long object to clear dirt and debris. In case dents are left on the patio covers due to the falling of heavy objects, contact Celebrity Patios, a team of Las Vegas patio builders committed to setting up attractive patios and providing care and maintenance activities to homeowners.

3. Winter Patio Cleaning

Giving your patio a winter clean not makes it tidy but also prevents it from being slippery, which may cause accidents. Before cleaning, ensure you remove the patio furniture so that you don’t have destructions while cleaning and make the cleaning process fast. Also, ensure you remove plant pots on your patio and clean the whole surface using your pressure washer.

0nce in a while, change the position of flower pots to prevent them from making permanent marks and permanent stains on the patio floor. Icy temperatures and snowy conditions during winter can cause harm to your patio; hence maintenance ensures that small damages do not escalate into bigger costly and time-consuming problems.

After or before winter, cleaning and repairing your patio cover increases its lifespan and ensures it is safe for you and your family. Some of the tools you may need for cleaning include:

• Pressure washer
• Ice scraper
• Winter cleaner detergent
• Garden hose

4. Summer Patio Cleanup

Other than the winter snow, the blistering summer snow can also cause harm to your patio covers, making them discolor and fade with time. During summer, one of the most important hacks is creating a shade over your patio to protect the covers from the scorching sun and give your family a cool place to relax. You may want to use the patio more during summer, thus making it difficult to carry out the relevant maintenance practices.

However, a few tricks once in a while goes a long way in making sure your patio stays as clean as new and is fit for relaxing. You can opt for patio rugs that protect the covers from direct sunlight and clean the patio using warm, soapy water to remove loose dirt and dust. Celebrity Patios got you covered if you are interested in getting alumawood patio covers. They offer most patio covers in Las Vegas installations and have been in operation for two decades.
Be sure to check them out for top-notch patio cover installations and maintenance so that your family can have a good time spending time outdoors.

Types of Patio Covers

Before installing a patio cover, the first step is to sample the different available types and get an expert to help you decide on the most appropriate one for your home. patio covers are available in different materials such as:

• Metal patio covers
• Wooden patio covers
• Aluminum patio covers

When choosing patio covers to work with, ensure you settle on the materials that are easy and affordable to maintain to avoid spending a fortune every time you want to carry out maintenance activities.

Patio covers maintenance helps improve the patio’s stability and protects it against dangerous potential issues resulting from bad weather. If you have furniture on your patio, store them under the covers and do not leave them during cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance of your patio furniture help to prevent damage that could occur when they are in storage.

It is recommended to ask your contractors for a maintenance guide after they finish their installations so that you know the right products to use to avoid damaging your alumawood patio covers. Similarly, you can always call them back for their services if you have queries or needs that need to be taken care of. Before coming up with a care and maintenance program for your patio covers, you can schedule a meeting with a maintenance specialist to note the areas that require adjustments and give relevant advice.