3 Key Things You Should Know About Wooden Patio Covers

If you’re looking to add a wooden cover over your patio, it’s important to consider what the best and longest-lasting materials are. Durability and maintenance are two factors for choosing the right wood that’s going to complement the exterior of your home. Here are three key things you should know about wooden patio covers before you make your selection.

Bug- and Rot-Resistant Materials

The materials of any wood cover should do their best to keep away bugs and prevent early rotting from occurring. Termites can be an issue, especially during the summer, so your choice is imperative for steering them away from your patio cover. Likewise, the climate you live in could require you to seek a wood that prevents rotting from happening naturally. Some of the best woods to use are redwood, cedar and Douglas fir for their natural bug repellant qualities and resistance to rotting.

Wooden Patio Covers Are Durable

Wood has a reputation for adding durability in addition to a clean and classic look that’ll last for years. Strong woods, such as Douglas fir and redwood, are fantastic for providing these patio covers with the stability needed to withstand the elements. Using chemically treated woods offers an additional layer of resistance to rot, giving any wood you choose the resilience to handle any kind of weather.


Wood covers for patios require a bit of maintenance to keep them beautiful and reduce rotting. Applying an annual coat of paint should do the trick as it provides a protective seal that prevents water and sun damage. Stained wood also does well in sunlight, reducing the rate at which the wood ages.

Patio covers made from wood are inexpensive and classically beautiful structures that can transform any yard into an outdoor paradise. Cheap patio covers in Las Vegas are available in a variety of different styles.