How to Construct a Tiny Home for Your Backyard

Tiny houses are fantastic for the backyard as a home away from home. By learning the rules and regulations for your backyard, you can build a tiny home that is ideal for you.

What Is a Tiny Home?

A tiny house is a small home that is no larger than 400 square feet yet still has all of the amenities of larger homes, such as a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, as well as storage space for extra items. It can often surprise you just how much you can fit into such a small place, but it’s perfectly doable.

What Rules and Regulations Apply to Backyard Tiny Houses?

Because the tiny house will be in your backyard, local jurisdiction laws do not typically apply. However, you may want to speak to your local Home Owner Association, if you live in a neighborhood that has one. They may have separate rules applying to your specific neighborhood. Contractors who are familiar with issues regarding tiny homes can also be valuable to consult with, for they can help to make you aware of any pitfalls you may not have previously been aware of.

What Kind of Tiny Houses Can You Build?

There are many different tiny homes you can choose to build. Bus tiny houses are great choices for the natural light they allow and the ample storage space they provide. Cob homes are tiny houses that are built from materials like straw, clay, and sand. In other words, it is incredibly stable and can last your entire life if you take good care of it. With this type of tiny house, it’s important to block off the roof from the inside as much as possible, so that little moisture can enter the house. Wagon tiny houses are a great option for your backyard, for they are extremely small, even for a tiny house. These tiny houses are best if you live in a climate that has strong winds. They come in many sizes, shapes, and color schemes.

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