Three Things to Consider When Designing Shared Neighborhood Spaces

When you’re designing shared neighborhood spaces in Las Vegas, you want to plan a space that provides protection from the sun and the weather. You also don’t want a shelter that has to be closed frequently for maintenance. You would certainly rather spend money on adding things to your space that your neighbors can enjoy than on repairs and maintenance to the shelter.

Seeking Some Shade After Sharing the Sun

One thing that is particularly important in Las Vegas’s sunny climate is a neighborhood patio that provides shade. Still, you may want the shelters for your neighborhood gathering spaces to have an open, airy look. Pergola-like structures offer that look as well as a way to control the amount of shade the shelter provides. Placing the beams of the latticed roof closer together or using wider beams can increase the amount of shade within the shelter by 40 to 60 percent.

Maintaining Your Cool in Shared Neighborhood Spaces

In some neighborhood gathering spaces, such as one for families with young children or one for seniors, you might be concerned not only with providing shade but also with keeping the area within the shelter cooler to provide relief from the heat. A neighborhood patio with a roof that has an insulated core of polystyrene sandwiched between two layers of heavy gauge aluminum not only offers a cooler retreat but also one with a solid roof that provides shelter from any rain that might fall.

Lazy Days, No Worries, No Fuss

The whole point of having a place where your neighborhood can gather is to have a usable space where your neighborhood can gather. You also don’t want one that requires you to spend money on maintenance when you would rather spend the money on sponsoring events and activities or on adding areas to the space that your neighbors can enjoy. Shelters with aluminum covers in Las Vegas won’t rust, warp, or develop cracks or splits. They also are 100 percent weather resistant, so your neighborhood shelter will have little to no downtime or upkeep costs.