10 Options for Attached Patio Covers

Whether you use your patio for recreation, entertainment, reading, or soaking up the sunshine, a shaded patio can add serious visual interest to your space and make it experience so much more pleasant. Patio covers are your home’s fundamental layers of defense as they protect your space from the detrimental effects of the sun’s infrared rays and help to keep things cool. You can add more elegance to your space by doing something different such as incorporating florals, lighting, and others. Another feasible way to enjoy your space is by customizing it using various patio design ideas. However, with the numerous covering options, it can be challenging to make a choice. Below are some stylish attached patio covers that will create a warm and rustic vibe in your home.

1. Build a Pergola

Do you have a desire to create a hospitable and glamorous outdoor sanctuary for you and your family? Well, pergolas can be your ideal answer as it portrays undeniable beauty in their stylish structure. They ensure that being on your patio can be just as gratifying as being in your warm and toasty home. Building a pergola is one of the most popular patios options since it can provide a combination of shade and sun concurrently. They offer exceptional relief from the disastrous, direct sun rays while also permitting sunlight access to fill the space. Pergolas come in various materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass, which add unsophisticated and elegant beauty to your pergola structure.

2. Build a Pavilion

A patio is a versatile space that you can revamp using your creative designs. Not only can it look glamorous and stylish when furnished with flowers and plants, but it can also be a charming space by adding a pavilion. A pavilion is an additional building that is autonomous from or attached to the main building. It comprises roof struts and can be built with entirely open sides or single or multiple walls. It is an excellent way of providing shelter from the sun, wind, and rain while you are enjoying some great ambiance in your outdoor space. You can also use your pavilion for recreation, entertainment, and also as dining area. Since there are numerous pavilion styles available, ensure you settle for one that blends with your home.

3. Open Roof With Exposed Beam Patio Cover

Open roof with exposed beam patio cover is an inventive remedy for your outdoor space. It is a unique way of bringing the outdoors in and offering protection from rain while permitting the flexibility of different shading and light. Some parts of the ceiling feature a skylight carved up by exposed beams, making the natural light access the space. A small opening of the window blind enhances heat loss allowing natural ventilation and extra cooling.

4. Wood Slat Patio Cover

Depending on your color preference, a wood slat patio cover will immediately intensify the appearance of your entire home. It offers a warm and toasty feeling to your patio, making it a perfect spot in your home. One major perk about wood slat patio covers is that they are able to combat strong winds and storms quite well. Also, they can allow you to adorn the outdoor space by hanging potted plants and even fixing a ceiling fan to enhance comfort in the summer heat. Since it is available in several types, you can select one that compliments your roofline to create a sophisticated and natural outdoor appearance.

5. Alumawood Attached Patio Covers

Alumawood is aluminum that has been molded, painted, and designed into shapes that looks like wood. The final look is different from aluminum or wood and is a more charming, low-maintenance shade cover that will outdo other materials available in the market. It permits you to have the strength and versatility of aluminum blended with the beauty of wood. It can be painted in different stylish colors that cannot fade, split, or chip. They are termite or insects proof and do not warp or crack. If you desire to have quality alumawood patio covers installed in your home, contact celebrity patios. With an extensive knowledge of attached patio covers installations, we will give you top-notch services and provide you with quality alumawood patio covers.

6. Install Galvanized Steel Panels

Enjoy your outdoor space by installing galvanized steel panels patio covers. Galvanized steel is more popular as it is more long-lasting and weather resistant. Unlike the typical metal, galvanized steel panels offer double shielding roles against rust while enhancing their appearance. A galvanized steel panel patio cover can also be built to blend with the styles and architecture of your home. Due to its low cost and ease of maintenance, an overwhelming majority of homeowners can afford to set up a galvanized steel panel patio cover.

7. Awning Attached Patio Covers

Awning’s fundamental conspicuous feature is that they can be slanted downwards, directing water and debris off the surface. They can be permanent structures or removable and are perfectly suited for windy areas. Awnings are a stylish and popular choice to many homeowners as they come in various designs. Also, their sizes can be personalized according to your preference. Awnings provide maximum convenience, unsparing product warranties on the frame and fabric, and are available in various colors.

8. Install Straw Roof

Adding a straw roof to your patio is a beautiful and unique way to cover your patio. A straw roof can bring the ambiance experienced in luxury resorts in some tropical destinations to your outdoor space. Although there are numerous misconceptions about the straw roof, they are actually one of the greatest building materials. The outdoor space is safe from rainwater and other natural elements as they are made of materials that are entirely woven together to create a nearly impenetrable surface.

9. Install a Modern Metal Canopy Attached Patio Cover

An outdoor space with a modern metal canopy can give a rustic and cozy look. They offer a distinctive way of spending time on your patio during summer and on frigid winter days. A metal canopy can be painted to complement your external finishing. They can also bring personalization to design. One significant advantage of a metal canopy is that it is long-lasting and easy to maintain.

10. Sail Shade Fabric Patio Cover

Sail Shades are an inventive way to cover your outdoor space as they offer limitless possibilities. Depending on their installation, you can alter the sail shades to your desired design. You can try out different colors, fabrics, and layouts to make it unique and more authentic. Sail shades provide high UV protection from harmful UV rays. During the hot seasons, sail shades offer a cool, shaded area where you can relax while enjoying your cocktails or doing other recreational activities.