Creative Ways to Use Solar Lights in Landscaping Design

The sad fact is that most of us will be spending summer nights right at home. So, to ease the sad feelings of never leaving the house, the best thing you can do is go hang outside! Yet if your backyard or garden is plunged into darkness after the sun sets, there are cool and creative ways you can illuminate the space. Using solar lights in landscaping design can help you achieve a lighted yard that is perfect for lounging, enjoying a drink, and getting yourself out of the house for a few hours. To help you with your lighting design plans, we’ve put together this guide on solar lights.

What Are Solar Lights?

Solar lights work completely without electricity, which means you can position them almost anywhere in your backyard garden or yard. Solar lights usually contain a photovoltaic cell that can soak up and store the sun’s radiating energy and then convert it to power. These lights typically use LED bulbs that can come in different colors, and they recharge themselves each day and have enough power to stay on for 8-12 hours. The other great thing about backyard solar lights is that they turn on automatically once they sense darkness.

Uses for Solar Lights in Landscaping Design

Solar lights can feature in your landscape design in tons of fun ways. For example, they are perfect for lighting walkways and stairs. All you need to do is place the lights in the grass or areas next to your walkways to create a lighted path. There are also rectangular-housed solar lights that can be placed just under the overhang of steps to create a nice lighted pathway.

Solar lights can also be used in conjunction with aluminum covers in Las Vegas to create ambiance lighting as if your backyard is a cool outdoor café or restaurant. To design a covered outdoor space, all you need are either hanging solar lanterns that can be attached to your patio cover or free-standing table lights that can create a nice glow.

Solar spotlights can be stuck right into the ground to add a bit of dramatic lighting to the area of your yard you want to highlight, such as trees, flower bushes, or even art pieces.