3 Great Ways to Prep Your Backyard for Easy Holiday Decor

Holiday time is the most wonderful time of the year, and prepping your backyard should be just as simple and fun. Here are three great ways to get your backyard ready for some easy holiday decor.

Yard and Deck Prep

For yards with grass, it’s important to give your lawn a good trim before setting up decor to ensure stability; however, if you live in an area where snow is a factor, be sure to clear the yard of residual snow and ice before you begin to decorate. Likewise, your deck should also be free from debris, snow and ice before setting up any holiday decor, and you should consider where you’ll be placing your outdoor decorations before you get started.

Ground Maintenance for Easy Holiday Decor Setup

If your backyard mainly consists of flagstone or pavers, easy holiday decor prep should be a snap. Clear any ground areas that you’re going to decorate, and measure the distances between your decorations and outdoor electrical outlets, so you can properly cover them to prevent trips and falls. Keeping areas that surround your festive decor clean and free from debris helps to preserve the quality and durability of their materials, in addition to reducing chances that fire or other hazards may occur.

Check Electrical Outlets and Cords

Safety always comes first, so make sure you check your outdoor electrical outlets before plugging in any medium or large-sized inflatables, holiday lights or lit yard decorations. If you’re using extension cords, ensure that safety closures are secure to prevent injuries, and refrain from overloading electrical outlets to prevent flickering lights and power outages. You can find great patio covers in Las Vegas that are perfect for every season.