Eco-Friendly Shade Structures

If you’ve poured all your money and time into designing the perfect patio only to not be able to use it due to the sun, it can be quite the downer. Fortunately, there is a way to claim back your outdoor living space, and that’s by adding shade structures. Here are a few ways you can introduce eco-friendly shade structures onto your home patio.

Patio Umbrellas

The simplest and often the most affordable way to introduce shade into your patio is to add a patio umbrella. There plenty of celebrity patios Las Vegas companies that can provide you with both the product and installation service. An additional benefit of opting-in for a patio umbrella is that you have the choice between simple versions which can go right through a hole located on your table or a heavy-duty version that can withstand harsh weather.

Go Natural for Eco-Friendly Shade

One of the best ways to introduce shade into your home without needing to add man-made structures is to plant a tree. This natural shade is a great way to stay eco-friendly and keep your artificial objects within your yard low. The downside to this is that you may either have to wait until the tree is fully grown (which can take years), or you can transport an existing grown tree onto your yard.

Pop-Up Canopy

If you live within an area of the country that doesn’t receive an abundance of sunlight, you can opt-in for a pop-up canopy. This is great as it is an easy way to provide shade during those few times out of the year that the sun does become a burden. An additional benefit includes being able to create a DIY project out of it as various types of materials can be used to create a beautiful short-term design.