3 Beautiful and Fun Playground Equipment Options for Your Backyard

Your backyard is a great place for your kids to spend time swinging, sliding and playing. There are many fantastic playground sets that’ll meet their need for fun while beautifying your outdoor space. Here are three great playground equipment options for your backyard.

Redwood Swing Sets

Redwood playground equipment offers the rich look of premium wood combined with the fun and versatility of an all-around playground swing set. A variety of sturdy design options provides safety and stability. Solid redwood construction is durable with additional features that include monkey bars, climbing walls with grips, sandboxes and rope ladders.

Wooden Clubhouse Swing and Slide Sets

Many fun and beautiful wooden play structures combine swings and slides with a clubhouse that has various access points and any number of additional features that include tunnels, crow’s nests, sun decks and more. Premium construction may be made from cedar, another excellent wood option that’s decay-resistant, pre-stained and durable enough to withstand plenty of wear and tear.

Metal Playground Equipment Options

Metal playground sets offer unbeatable durability and construction made from high-grade steel that’s typically coated with a special primer to prevent rust damage. Metal is incredibly versatile and can be painted in any color to match or contrast with your backyard decor. The smooth texture of the metal is also non-splintering, and many metal playground sets are now coated with a heat-resistant glaze that regulates temperature to prevent burns. Additionally, you can find cheap patio covers in Las Vegas that’ll provide plenty of shade to cool down your backyard’s hot spots.