3 Cat Recreation Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Cattery

Whether you’re working on your home, going on vacation or wanting to start a boarding service, creating an outdoor cattery can be a fun way to engage the animals in your care with nature in a safe way. Doing this isn’t as simple as putting a cage in the middle of your yard, obviously, so here are three cat recreation ideas for creating an outdoor cattery.

Ample Space for an Outdoor Cattery

Ample space is required when you’re building a cattery or catio. If your main reason for wanting to craft a cat house is to give your cats some time out of the house, what would be the point if they’re stuck in a cramped little cage? Most catteries are at least 30 square feet of space, though it’s typically preferable to construct one that’s several times larger than that to give them room to roam.

Safety From the Elements

It’s no secret that cats hate water. Unless you’re in the mood to deal with a bunch of soaking wet, incredibly angry cats the first time it storms, your cattery should have proper protection against the elements. Sturdy construction is a must, as are cheap patio covers Las Vegas that can keep out water. The cats might even enjoy watching the rain hit against the covers, letting it double as a form of entertainment.


Ideally, catteries should act as a form of enrichment all on their own with plenty of space to enjoy the outside. However, cats still need something to entertain themselves with besides the sight of grass. That’s why toys, scratching posts and other items like this should be available within the cattery to help entertain the animals when they’re inside. This is especially important if you’re not planning to attend to them frequently or let them enjoy things on their own more often than not.