How to Make Your Patio Accessible to Wheelchairs

Just imagine it being warm and sunny, and everyone is sitting under brand-new lifetime patio covers having a good time. You’re cooking out, and everyone is smiling and laughing except your friend in the wheelchair who can’t maneuver onto your patio. Your patio isn’t accessible to him or her, so he or she has to stay inside.

You don’t want to be that host. You should make sure everyone can join in on the fun. Use these three tips below to make sure your patio is accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Make Sure There Is Enough Space for the Wheelchair to Maneuver Around

Patio decorations are nice, but if everything is too close together, wheelchairs may not be able to move into place. Make sure you have adequate spacing between decorations and furniture. Cut back on the clutter as much as possible.

Patios Might Not Be Accessible Due to the Floor Materials

The wheels of the wheelchair can get caught on certain grooves and cracks on the patio floor. Make sure you fix any cracks in the floor. If you have a material like bricks or pavers, these can spread over time and cause the wheels to get stuck. Make sure you have a rug or some type of smooth pathway for wheelchairs.

If You Have Steps, Build a Ramp

Steps stop wheelchair-bound people in their tracks. While some people may be able to stand long enough to go down a few steps, this usually isn’t the case. Some type of ramp, even a temporary one, will allow them to roll on to the patio with ease.

Fun on the patio should be accessible to everyone even those in a wheelchair. It may take a few additional steps, but it will be worth it when everyone is happy. Use the three tips above to make your patio party wheelchair friendly.