Why Are Attached Patios the Best Patio Covers in Las Vegas

Debating about which are the best patio covers in Las Vegas never appears to end. Lavish covers and meager draperies alike have some sort of undeniable appeal. Yet, how could you decide which is the better of the two?

However you go about something like that, someone’s opinion will differ. Aesthetics are funky like that. But we’ve got one better: an objective method of comparison. That way, you’ll never drown in hesitation, confronted by an unending array of patio options.

The Best Patio Covers in Las Vegas Shelter You From the Heat

Attached patios stand tall among their brethren, distinguished by their supreme utility. Of course, that might be how a Roman would describe them.

Nowadays, language veers towards simplicity.

So, to phrase that differently, attached patios are great in the heat. Sprinting across a Nevada tarmac to seek the patio’s protective shade has never been something to write home about. But, during the summer, anyone who has a freestanding patio relives those lines daily.

Freestanding Patios Tend to Be Further Away

Jaunting onto the patio could be as tiny as opening the door. Nevada swelters each summer, Las Vegas hotter than most. Cutting the distance between your place and the patio means less time in the sun.

Besides, what happens if you’ve made it all the way to an unattached patio, and then something inside calls your attention?

Well, you’d fly across the lawn as quickly as you came, both times just as hot. The attached patio’s problems are far less tiring, mainly their frequent maintenance. Still, such a nearby escape provides a quick respite, refreshing anyone who finds it.

Daunting jaunts across a hot lawn won’t deter everyone, but wouldn’t a simple skip through a sliding glass door feel better?

Transitioning Outdoors Has Never Been Easier

Now, building further on this principle, easy access opens up a whole lot of opportunities. Adopt a different perspective, and you’ll see what we mean. Barbecue happens to be one of our top flavors. But, serving food in 100-degree heat tends to stifle your appetite. Whipping up a rack of texas-spiced ribs might sound appealing, notwithstanding that piercing Nevada sun.

An attached patio would minimize discomfort, as any sun-scorched skin is limited by such an ample supply of shade. You could even cook food outside, cool off in the AC, and then serve it in the shade.

Attached Patios Conceal Themselves Without Any Trouble

From time to time, you’d like to make that patio disappear. Taking down something that’s freestanding is quite the task.

Compared to an attached patio, it’s positively monumental, intimidating in its scope. First, you’d have to disassemble its beams. Then, dress down the exterior, followed by taking apart the rest. Throwing it all back together isn’t any easier, either.

Curling up an attached patio could be as simple as pressing a button, as many are built with motors today. Tidying up for springtime couldn’t get much simpler.

Convenient Barbecues Appear Commonplace

Food happens to unite many cultures. Unattached patios make serving guests needlessly complex. They’ve got to scramble from the kitchen, hop over the yard, and sit down at the patio. All of that action might sound choreographed until you’ve seen it in person.

Even going to the bathroom is a lot more complicated when your patio isn’t attached to the home.

The more sun exposure you receive, the more likely your skin is to burn, ending any fun left. Attached patios protect you from the sun’s UV radiation far more efficiently, exposed skin is a lot less common when the patio is right there.

Rain’s Impact Isn’t What It Used to Be

Take all that sunshine and reverse it in your head. What do you picture?

For us, it’s always sounded like the low rumble of a summer thunderstorm, drifting low-to-the-earth as it makes its way. Such sounds might mean it’s time to take things indoors, but not if you’ve got an attached patio.

Sitting underneath its awning, rain echoing through, things seem so much simpler. Perhaps, after taking a seat underneath one of them for yourself, you’d feel as though this were a memory, rather than mere words on a screen.

Either way, an attached patio would make the rain a lot more enjoyable.

Maintaining Them Seems Trivial in Comparison

How many people have grown fond of their attached patios simply due to how easy they are to maintain. That number must be astounding. Otherwise, it would mean people haven’t understood how their maintenance is.

Juxtaposed against an unattached patio’s maintenance requirements, it’s next to nothing. In other words, if you’d like something that doesn’t require a whole lot out of you, try one of these.