Surprising Locations for LED Backyard Lighting

If you like to socialize with friends at night, then you may be wishing that you had better lighting within your backyard. After all, you want to not only keep everyone safe but create an environment of tranquility. LED backyard lighting is one of the best routes to take in order to accomplish that very goal. The following includes a list of some surprising locations you can add LED backyard lighting to your backyard.

Backyard Lighting and Stairs

One of the most common challenges homeowners will face is figuring out how to light up their stairs. Stairs are absolutely necessary to have lit up in order to keep everyone safe. However, having lights on top of your stairs can be a tripping hazard. A great way to go around this issue is to place a strip of LED lights under each step, thus removing any tripping hazards and lighting up your stairs for an extra layer of safety.

Patio Covers

If you’ve had a large number of friends or family sit on your patio, then you understand the importance of having enough space. However, you also understand the need for proper lighting. It can be tough to fit lamps and other types of lighting with so many people already cramped into one single space. By adding strips of LED lighting to your patio cover, you are not just providing enough light but saving yourself a ton of space. Some patio covers come with this feature, and thus, it is important to seek the advice of a radius patio covers Las Vegas company for further information.

Bush and Tree Lighting

Many homeowners want to show off their well-crafted bushes or lush tree but are afraid to add any lighting for the risk of a fire starting. Although any type of lighting should still be a safe distance from flammable items such as leaves, it is also true that LED lights provide little to no heat. This will allow you to shine some light on all the incredible landscaping you’ve worked so hard to achieve.