Your patio is an integral part of your home, providing an outdoor area where friends can gather, your children can play, and you can enjoy the great outdoors. For some, their patio is an extension of their home, almost like an additional room they can enjoy. However, bad weather can make your patio unusable, which is why many homeowners add a cover over their patio. These six patio covers are great options to help you enjoy your patio even when the weather is not cooperating.

1. Acrylic Patio Covers

 Acrylic patio covers offer a unique option to cover your patio. If you are looking for attached patio covers that will let in natural light, acrylic is the perfect choice for patio covers Las Vegas. They are made of plastic material that can withstand even severe weather. Although they are low maintenance, they do require polish or paint as the vinyl can discolor if they are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun.


2. Aluminum Patio Covers

 If you are looking for a patio cover that is low maintenance and will provide protection for your patio for a long time, Las Vegas patio builders say that aluminum is a great option. It is lightweight, flexible, and durable. Aluminum covers are available in a wide range of designs, styles, and colors. In addition, you can add faux finishes to the aluminum to create unique styles that will match any home’s exterior. Aluminum is prone to damage should debris fall on the roof of your patio, although this is true of many other patio coverings as well. It is suggested that if you choose aluminum, you remove any overhanging tree limbs.

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3. Cloth Covers

 Cloth is also a popular choice for patio covers. They are often created from natural and synthetic materials. Cloth patio covers are usually easy to install and available in a wide range of colors, so you are sure to be able to match the exterior of your home. One of the benefits of cloth patio covers is that they are often retractable. This allows you to retract the cover on days when you don’t need as much protection or shade. There are cloth covers that are permanent and cannot be retracted as well. Cloth can be manipulated easier than other forms of building material, allowing you to create a cover that is unique and unlike any other covers.

4. Roll-Formed Patios

 Las Vegas patio builders also recommend roll-formed patio covers. These are engineered for durability and strength, offering a simple solution to your patio cover needs. Roll-form patios, also known as solid style flat pan covers, are virtually maintenance-free. Like other solid attached patio covers, roll-formed patios are great if you live in an area that is extremely hot, extremely cold, or deals with significant rainfall. It is possible to create patio covers Las Vegas that give the illusion of slate or tile using the roll-formed process. 

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5. Vinyl Patio Covers

 Over the past few years, vinyl patio covers have grown in popularity as they are strong, durable, and able to withstand many years of use. The patio covers are made from polyvinyl chloride, the same material used in the manufacturing of PVC pipe. It is waterproof and rustproof, which means there is little to no maintenance. Although low-grade vinyl can have a less than lackluster appearance, choosing a higher-end vinyl will give your patio cover a beautiful look. You can also select a tinted vinyl, such as gray or taupe, which doesn’t have the appearance of vinyl at all.

6. Wood Patio Covers

 One simple and elegant option is wood for your attached patio covers. If your home is constructed of wood, choosing a wooden patio cover is a great way to blend the cover with the rest of your home. It is important to remember that wood requires maintenance, including treatment for weather resistance and polishing. It may also need staining to match the rest of your home. Water can seep into the wood, which can lead to decay, something that could be dangerous if it occurs in the roof of your patio. However, wood is versatile and Las Vegas patio builders can create a unique wood cover that will provide you with many years of protection. Wood is often used in the creation of pergolas, which creates an intimate environment on your patio as light falls between the beams. 

 There is no question that a patio cover will allow you to enjoy your patio more often, protecting you and your family from the harsh rays of the sun as well as rain and other elements that make your patio unusable. If you are considering patio covers Las Vegas, contact Celebrity Patios today to see how they can help you create a beautiful, stunning patio that your family will enjoy. Celebrity Patio has been delivering the best in patio covers to Las Vegas and the surrounding area for more than 20 years. Their technicians are highly trained and focused on detail. They value their customers and want them to have a patio cover they will love and enjoy for years to come. Learn more about the various types of patio cover options today by calling 702-526-4303 or visit them online to see what is available. They will guide you through the entire process and create a patio cover your family will love.