Creating a Relaxing Zen Garden in Your Patio Area

A Zen garden has more than beauty at its core. The features inspire a relaxing ambiance to evoke calmness and meditation. You may think this type of garden required expensive landscaping, but with a few small features and cheap patio covers in Las Vegas, you can create a Zen atmosphere in even the smallest space.

What Is a Zen Garden?

Zen gardens are often called Japanese rock gardens and provide a controlled setting rather than a wildwood type of garden. Rocks, pathways and plants join together to provide the principles of naturalness, austerity and simplicity.

What Are the Features of a Relaxing Zen Garden?

Carefully positioned rocks and sand are two of the most important features of a Zen garden. The rocks should be attractive or interesting and placed in such a way as to create harmony.

The sand should be clean and smooth. Patters can be raked in the sand in an interesting way around the rocks to emphasize harmony.

Plants are also welcome in a Zen garden, but they take second place. Attractive green leaves are more important than brilliant blossoms. Moss is also a good addition, especially on a vertical wall. Plants can be in pots, so they can be placed to enhance the overall harmonious juxtaposition of the rocks and sand.

Hardscapes and water features also add to the beauty. These may be small bridges, stone lamps, stools and a table or trickling water falling over natural stones.

Finally, the colors you select for cushions, chair covers, table cloths and blossoms should be neutral. For flowers, that may mean white or pale pink or yellow. For furniture, it may mean beige, tan or gray.

It Is Your Choice

These are just a few of the features that are easy to create for a Zen-like garden. Comfort is very important, and that is an individual preference, so you choose the seating, music, cushions and any other features that add to your comfort.