Radius Patio Covers vs. Lattice Patio Covers

Patio covers exist to protect you from the elements and add design flair to your patio. From the purely functional to the beautiful and distinct, there are many cover designs to choose from. The two that will be discussed here are radius and lattice ones. They are both similar, but there are some key differences to know about them.

Radius Patio Covers

As the name implies, radius covers are usually circular shaped. Depending on how you want the patio cover constructed, this will either be a half circle that extends from the home, or a full circle protecting the whole patio. These lifetime patio covers have a lattice design, but they can also be solid covers depending on your preference.

This refers more to the shape of the patio cover rather than what type of material or covering is applied.

Lattice Patio Cover

This uses a lattice covering with thinner pieces of wood. Depending on your preference, lattice covers provide 40 to 60 percent more sunlight. While these don’t protect from the rain like solid covers, they are fantastic in the warmer months for letting in more sunlight.

There are many options for customizing the wood, spacing between the wood, types of rafters and tubes and much more. This allows you to change nearly every element until the lattice covering is perfect.


Since a radius cover refers more to the shape of the patio cover than the design itself, this can come in a lattice design. If that is the case, then you gain all the advantages of extra sunlight, shade control and customization. You can also make this a solid cover and that will provide complete shade and protection from the rain.

Both have a traditional and natural design that will fit well in your patio. The lattice design looks a little more traditional since it has been used for many years, but both look fantastic.