Advantages and Disadvantages of an Insulated Roof for Patio Covers in Las Vegas

After a long day at work or school, you just want to relax or invite over some friends. However, things such as a strong sunny day or even a heavy shower storm can make that very difficult to accomplish. That is why so many homeowners take the time to add a patio cover onto their outdoor space. Although most patio covers in Las Vegas are going to do the job, there are some that take those benefits to the next level. This is particularly true with insulated patio roofs. However, before you go on spending your hard-earned money on one, it is important to know what you’re getting. Thus the following includes a few of the most common advantages and disadvantages that you’re going to run into with this type of patio cover.

What Are Insulated Patio Covers in Las Vegas?

When it comes to patio covers, it’s likely that you have been introduced to some of the most common designs, such as the lattice and pergola. Although those types of patio covers in Las Vegas come with their advantages, they are often not enough for some homeowners. This is especially true for those living within very sunny or wet areas of the country. Fortunately, there are additional lifetime patio covers to choose from, with one of those being the insulated patio cover. But what exactly are these types of covers? Much like the covers mentioned above, they are meant to protect homeowners from the weather while adding to the aesthetics of the home. However, what makes these different is that they provide full coverage. This means that no sunlight or water can pour into the space below. In addition, these aluminum covers in Las Vegas are also covered in certain materials that can actually make the space below feel much cooler than it really is.

The Advantages of Insulated Patio Covers

There’s a reason why insulated patio covers continue to be amongst the favorites for homeowners. Much of that is because of the several advantages that come from installing one. Understandably, homeowners want to know what exactly they are getting before putting down their hard-earned money to begin the project. That is why below is a list of some of the best advantages that you’re going to see from this type of patio cover.

1. Provides More Comfortable Conditions

One of the most common reasons homeowners choose to install a patio cover onto their property is because they want to enjoy the outdoors without being too uncomfortable. Insulated patio covers provide just that and more. No matter if you’re going to get an attached or a free-standing patio cover in Las Vegas, insulated patio covers will make the space feel much cooler than it really is. This is a great benefit for those who want to enjoy the outdoors in the summer and winter seasons.

2. They Are Very Quiet Compared to Traditional Patio Covers

Because insulated patio covers are created with some of the best materials on the market, you won’t have to worry about it being too noisy during strong wind or rainstorms. This means you are able to keep your doors open or enjoy the outdoors anytime you want without having to put up with the noisy sound of water hitting cheap plastic.

3. Protects Any Furniture or Electric Devices Below the Patio Cover

Speak to any homeowner with a basic patio cover, and you’re likely going to be told how much their outdoor furniture needs to be protected and cleaned. When you opt-in for an insulated patio cover, you are also getting peace of mind that your items below are going to be safe from leaks and other debris. This is largely due to the cover’s water-tight joining system.

The Disadvantages of Insulated Patio Covers in Las Vegas

Much like anything on the market, there are going to be some disadvantages to installing an insulated patio cover onto your home. Fortunately, the disadvantages aren’t too severe to the point that it’s going to be a dealbreaker but something that, as a homeowner, you should still be aware of.

1. Lack of Colors to Choose From

One of the first things you’re going to notice is that you really don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to color. This is because aluminum patio roofs will usually only be available in white or light-grey color. You may find some wooden colored options, but they are often not the best looking and much more expensive.

2. The Cost Compared to Non-Insulated Patio Covers in Las Vegas

The fact is that when you choose to go with this option, you’re likely going to be paying about 30% or more compared to non-insulated patio covers. This is not the best news for those on a strict budget.