Three of the Best Pet-friendly Plants for a Desert Yard

During the spring months, we like to plant new plants and shrubs in our yards. When we have animals that roam in the yard, we must plant pet-friendly plants. We need to keep our animals safe, as though they were one of our children. That is, they are part of our family, and we would not want anything to happen to them. If you have a dog that roams your yard, you will want to pay extra special attention to what types of plants you use in the yard. Paying close attention to the plants you use could mean life or death for your beloved canine companion.

Pet-Friendly Plants Like the Tropical Hibiscus Are Beautiful

When it comes to pet-friendly plants, we want to be sure we are going to have the best of the best in our yard. If you have a large yard, the tropical hibiscus is going to make a beautiful edition. Tropical hibiscuses are dog-friendly plants and flowers that will add an elegant touch to our yard. It is essential to have a large yard if you are going to plant a tropical hibiscus. They can get as large as a tree. Many of the outdoor gardens selling the tropical hibiscus will carry only the brand from China.

Crepe Myrtles Are Elegant

If you are looking for pet-friendly outdoor plants, look no further than the crepe myrtles. These types of flowers work best under patio covers in Las Vegas. To plant them beneath the patio covers, you will need to prune them regularly. Like the tropical hibiscus, the crepe myrtles can get as large as a tree. These types of plants are easy to manage, though. You can have them looking like a shrub in no time at all. They will add a creative touch to your yard.

Do Not Forget the Magnolia Bush

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your yard with some dog-friendly plants outdoors, you will not want to leave out the magnolia bush. These are beautiful bushes that are available in many colors. The magnolia bush, while gorgeous to look at, will produce much leaf litter. Before planting one of these beautiful bushes, be sure that you will have your rake handy once in a while. The flowers that bloom from the magnolia bush will be a pleasantry to look at sitting on your back patio.