How to Perform Patio Sanitation

As summer approaches, you are no doubt waiting for those moments where you can relax with your family outside, maybe even cook a steak or two. However, that relaxing moment can quickly go out the window if you’re looking at nothing but a grimy and dirty looking patio. Fortunately, there is something you can do about patio sanitation. The following includes a variety of steps you can take to make your patio summer-ready.

Remove Everything

Step one of a proper patio sanitation attack plan is to remove all your patio furniture and accessories. Cleaning around objects is not going to be enough to truly clean your patio. Remove everything, including chairs, tables, and even the barbeque.

Wood Patio Sanitation

There’s no doubt about it; wooden patios truly get a beating from the elements. You may decide to seek the services of an aluminum covers Las Vegas company to install some form of cover, but you will still need to conduct yearly cleanings. Okay, so the first step is the same, dusting and watering down the patio is a must. Next, you can add oxygen bleach into a bucket of warm water to really get that wooden material as clean as possible. Oxygen bleach is much better for the environment than chlorine bleach as that type of chemical can damage your surrounding plants.

Sanitizing Concrete Patios

If you have concrete material, then you’re in luck. Concrete is one of the easiest things to clean. All you need to do is dust it off, hose it down and apply some degreaser to remove tough scuff marks. After a couple of hours of letting it sit, you may add some dish soap and water to really make that concrete shine. If even after you’re done doing this, you can still see some scuffs on the floor you may utilize a hard bristle brush along with some elbow grease to remove them.