Luxurious Retreats — Art Deco Patio Covers for Las Vegas

To create patio covers in Las Vegas that have that luxurious Art Deco look, you’ll need attached patio covers or free-standing patio covers that evoke the right feel. You can accomplish that with either solid patio covers or open ones. Dark-colored patio covers and supports call to mind the dark woods found in Art Deco style. Jewel-toned patio covers reflect the vibrant side of the Art Deco color palette while light, neutral-colored supports can call forth the columns of Rome or the pillars of Egyptian temples. Geometric latticework screens, round- or onion-shaped doorways, and voluminous, billowing fabrics draped at the corners of your patio cover also evoke the exotic cultures that inspired Art Deco.

For the Art Deco Look, Evoke the Look of Lacquered Wood With Your Patio Cover in Las Vegas

Both attached and free-standing patio covers for Las Vegas can simulate the look of natural wood. Choosing dark-colored patio covers with a lacquer-like finish evokes the look of teak or ebony. Both are popular woods in Art Deco design that call to mind both Asia and Africa. You can continue the look of teak or ebony by choosing supports in the same dark color as your patio cover.

Use Patio Covers to Turn Your Patio Into Your Own Art Deco Caesar’s Palace or Athenian or Egyptian Temple

Another possibility is to choose a patio cover that matches the light color of the columns so that your patio even more closely resembles a temple or villa from ancient Greece or Rome.

To recreate the look of Luxor, you’ll need thicker columns. The capitals at the top of Egyptian columns often resembled plants such as papyrus, palms, or the lotus, which are motifs that you’ll find repeated in Art Deco styles. Egyptian columns also were painted in the colors adopted by Art Deco. You probably won’t find supports for your patio that duplicate the design of Egyptian capitals. You could use a tapered square column, though, rather than a round one. Square columns offer a more modern look, but they also hark back to the shape of Egyptian obelisks.

Turn Your Patio Cover Into an Art Deco Motif

Some solid patio covers have scalloped roofs. These curves fit perfectly with the Art Deco style. Las Vegas patio builders can supply insulated solid roofs that keep outdoor living spaces cool, so you’ll have no worries about heat building up.

Position the supporting posts so that they meet the roof directly below the low point of a curve. Be sure that posts are placed symmetrically so that the right and left sides of the patio are identical. A red patio cover with black supports, a black patio cover with red supports, or a monochromatic look with a black patio cover and black supports or a red patio cover and red supports would fit right in with Art Deco colors.

Add another popular Art Deco motif to the look by growing pygmy date palms in pots between the patio supports.

Surround Your Patio Cover With Sumptuous Draperies

Yards and yards of luxurious fabric blowing lightly in the breeze held in a graceful curve by a tieback at corners of your patio covers, that’s an image of Art Deco opulence. Add fabric draped through the slats of an open patio cover, and you’ve conjured magical images of desert tents with fabric ceilings. Jewel-toned fabrics capture the spirit of Morocco. Soft ivory, eggshell, or cream fabrics, on the other hand, provide a backdrop for colorful furniture. A fabric with a medium-sized geometric print in shades of beige, tan, or ecru would also work.

Finish the Look With the Right Colors and Furnishings

We’ve already mentioned the jewel-toned colors. In Art Deco design, navy and bright, rich reds, purples, blues, greens, pinks, and yellows contrast with black and white. Soft pastels, creams, and beiges soften the vivid, bold colors.

Look for large-scale furniture in prints or solids. Furniture pieces should be unique, such as fan shapes used for the backs of chairs.

You can and should mix printed fabrics. To keep your prints from fighting each other for attention, keep them in different scales – some large, some medium, and some small.

In addition to geometric prints with fan-shapes, sun sunbursts, curves, straight lines, and sharply pointed shapes like diamonds, you should include exotic animal prints, especially in faux fur. Herringbone is another choice.

You’ll want to include lots of reflective surfaces. Brass, chrome, and aluminum reflect the influence that the industrial age had on Art Deco.

Also, if you didn’t know, Art Deco began when the French government officially recognized designers of glass, textiles, furniture, and jewelry as artists rather than merely artisans. The L’Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes emphasized the superb craftsmanship displayed in the brightly colored and lavishly decorated pieces. So, look for furniture and accessories with decorated surfaces to include under your Art Deco patio covers.