Tips for Putting Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens in Your Backyard

Parties, people, and food are the staple of summer fun, and having it all under a custom patio cover in Las Vegas makes for a great evening. Outdoor kitchens are a staple for family entertaining, so the addition of a wood-fired pizza oven is a natural fit. Here are some tips for inserting this gem into your space.

Find the Perfect Location

The location is the first question, and many variables dictate placement. Housing codes may require the oven to be a certain distance from rooflines, eves, and patio covers. Landscaping and aesthetic considerations may be factors as may grade of the land. Before beginning installation, make sure to check the boxes on these details.

Pick the Best Wood-Fired Pizza For You

The kind of oven will dictate the best location for the oven. Knowing how you will use it will make this selection easier. For an oven used for just pizzas, small may be the way to go and will fit easily into a smaller space next to a covered patio.

In a larger oven, all kinds of foods can be prepared in rotations so that everything is done. This type of oven would be placed further away in your outdoor kitchen space.

Whatever the size, choosing the right oven for your needs is essential, and so is deciding what wood to use for cooking.

Picking The Right Wood For Your Needs

The flavor of the wood-fired pizza is determined by the kind of wood you choose. In the Las Vegas climate, wet wood won’t be a problem, so picking a good wood becomes key. Hardy hickory will leave impart a hickory taste while walnut will impart a subtle smoky flavor. Whatever wood you choose, make sure it is a hardwood that will burn slow and hot and give you even cooking and a great pie.