Low-Maintenance Plants for a Clean-Looking Yard

One of the many responsibilities of a homeowner is to conduct regular maintenance on it and to make it look nice and clean. This, of course, can be a very difficult thing when you have other responsibilities, such as taking care of your children or working from home. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can begin to spruce up your landscape without too much maintenance. Here are some of the best low-maintenance pants to acquire to reach this very goal.

Barberry Shrub

If you want both security and low-maintenance, then the barberry shrub is right for you. This beautiful shrub is able to grow thorns within its stems to add an extra layer of security to your backyard. You can add them around radius patio covers in Las Vegas or your fence. In addition, they can withstand desert-like climates and thus are extremely low-maintenance. It should be noted that some states find this shrub to be invasive, and thus it is recommended to check with your local and state government before planting it.

Low-Maintenance Peony

If you want to give your landscaping that pop of color without having to put too much work, then the Peony flower is your best bet. This beautiful bright pink flower provides an amazing fragrance each time it blooms. It is ideal to plant these during the fall and provide shade to them during the hot summer months.


If you live on a slope or simply don’t want to maintain large bushes, then a great alternative to have is the Liriope. This ground-level plant sports grass-like foliage. It is often preferred by homeowners because of its ability to stay green almost all year round and takes little water to maintain its appearance.