Tips and Patio Building Materials for Comfortable Backyard Living

For many people, a patio is simply the tiny plot of cement that juts off a 1960s style home. However, modern homeowners are starting to embrace outdoor living and, as a result, are building larger garden areas and patios as an extension of their homes. Read on to find how to pick a location and the best patio building materials make your backyard a cozy place to spend your time.

Carefully Choose a Location for Your Patio

The first thing you should do is pick where to locate your patio. In order to make the best decision, there are some questions you should ask yourself. How accessible will your patio be to your house? Do you prefer a sunny patio? Will your patio location be a fit for your other backyard landscaping plans?

You could opt for a patio that is close to the house, near French or sliding doors, which open off your kitchen or the living room. You could also choose to tuck your patio into a tree-lined corner of your yard.

While you could choose a shaded patio over a sunny one, patios that never receive any sunlight do not dry completely after a rainstorm. This could cause algae to grow on the stones.

Pick the Best Patio Building Materials

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to patio materials, which range from stone to patio pavers. These products give you a range of colors, patterns and textures. When deciding on one, think how each one would fit into your existing or planned backyard landscape. Remember that some of these materials are less expensive or easier to install than others. When making your cost comparisons, determine the overall price of paver or stone, gravel, concrete, sand and mortar you need for construction.

Probably the easiest product for you to install is paving. Pavers are available in many shapes and colors and are made of brick or concrete. Although a concrete paver lasts longer than brick, brick pavers are a durable option for a backyard patio.

Select a Design for Your Patio Cover

You will find different types of patio covers in Las Vegas with each one offering something unique. No matter what you choose from the options below, they all offer great shade and superior comfort.

• Awnings. These are a traditional patio shading option, but design advancements result in sleeker, modern-looking awnings. Some even raise automatically or can retract depending on current weather conditions.

• Pergolas. As a freestanding shading option, the pergola is a common feature of backyard landscaping. They also allow for a comfortable space where you can dine or read.

• Umbrella. An umbrella is the most basic of shading structures you can choose. They are popular because they are affordable, light and casual. You can group umbrellas with tables and chairs to offer you shade for the entire family spending time outdoors.