Las Vegas Gardening: 3 Vegetables You Can Grow Each Year

Gardening is a great hobby to get involved in. Not only does it save you money on fresh produce, it’s also great for both the environment and for your stress levels. Gardening can be calming and therapeutic, and it lets you consume organic produce without breaking the bank. Las Vegas gardening is rewarding and not all that difficult to get started with. Read on and discover three great vegetables for beginners that will grow like a dream on your Vegas property.

Summer Squash Is Both Delicious and Simple

Imagine sitting beneath beautiful patios with patio covers in Las Vegas, sipping on a cool glass of strawberry lemonade while sampling some produce from your garden. Las Vegas gardening wouldn’t be complete without the underappreciated summer squash varieties, like zucchini. These scrumptious vegetables can be enjoyed battered and fried, as an alternative for pasta, or ground up and placed into baked goods like brownies and muffins.

Tomatoes: A Las Vegas Gardening Staple

Tomatoes are a great option for square foot gardening. With a relatively small amount of space, you can grow a ton of produce that will be far superior to the specimens found at the grocery store. These plants can be a bit tricky, but as long as you pay close attention to soil temperature and water carefully, you should be able to yield a pretty decent crop your first year. Soon it’ll be almost an addiction, trying varieties you’d never find at the store.

A Bushel of Cukes

If you’re looking to get into container planting, pickling cucumbers are a great place to start. These hardy plants are great for beginners and are pretty low maintenance. Though they’ll ramble and run if planted straight in the ground, they’ll stay tidy in a container just fine. Plus, cukes are great for beginners who want to dabble in food preservation via tangy, homemade pickles.