Should You Invest in a Screened-In Patio?

When an addition adds value to your home, it is a good investment. A screened-in patio is almost like an additional room at a much more affordable price. The value it adds to your home makes it a worthy investment for a higher price when you sell the house. Here are the three top benefits of screening in your patio.

Outdoor Space and Comfort

If you are looking for patio covers in Las Vegas, you may want to consider the benefits of screening. It is not only a cost-effective way to increase the area of your home, but it allows you to enjoy your garden or just the outdoor breeze without the bugs. You get the fresh air without an invasion of mosquitos, moths or other critters.

A Screened-In Patio Is Useful

A screened patio is not just for relaxing in your garden. The area becomes an alternate venue for many different activities. It’s a great place to entertain guests, especially if you have a barbecue grill. It’s good for a child’s birthday party and helps contain the mess.

Once the screening is installed, you may add a TV, fireplace or hot tub to your patio. You could even work or study online in the peace and quiet of your garden.

Privacy While Sitting Outside

Depending on the type of screen you choose to install, you can have privacy from your neighbors while sitting outside. In smaller neighborhoods or places without trees or fences, you may be exposed to people on the street or in nearby houses. This is especially true if you have a large front porch. Screening will still allow the breeze to pass through but not the curious eyes of passersby.

Also, adding screening to a front porch adds curb appeal. It may upgrade the appearance of the front of your home, which is another benefit.

Whether you screen in your patio and add one chair or deck it out with a dining table, grill and TV, it will be a good investment towards the value of your home.