Backyard Campout Setups for Family Camp-ins in Las Vegas

For the next sleepover where kids are younger than seven and too small for real camping, a backyard campout for kids is a fabulous family experience. Even if the area is small or has a patio, kids can still explore and use their imaginations with creative activities while staying in the safety of the home environment.

Getting Backyard Campout Supplies

You’ll need the requisite camping gear on your backyard camping list, including backpacks, flashlights, sleeping bags and some protective sleeping mats and a tent or two. And don’t forget, packs and camping supplies should have everything needed in a sleepover, including extra clothes, PJs, cameras, an explorer’s canteen, compass and binoculars and drinks and cookout food in case you have a backyard grill.

Resourceful Backyard Campsite Design

Camping doesn’t even have to be on the grass with a pop-up tent, which sets up just as well on backyard pavers or a patio with a pergola cover. And patios covered by aluminum lifetime patio covers can also provide protected areas to set up base camp with a good supply of blankets and pillows in nicer weather.

Backyard Expeditions Off the Grid in Las Vegas

Set up a hunt for plants, leaves or flowers for a scrapbook or a checklist to bring back, or set up directions for hidden relics. Or play cards or charades. A key element of the adventure is to call off Wi-Fi during the camp to help add to the effect of being away and allow kids to be creative and learn the value of play.

Nighttime is also a good time for star searching with a telescope or looking at the moon with binoculars or adding glow-in-the-dark jewelry or glow sticks.


If your Las Vegas backyard or patio is equipped with a grill or a fire pit, there’s no better place for holding a campout barbecue and marshmallow or weenie roast for hungry and adventurous campers to get some grub and tell stories.