Protect Your Attached Patio Covers From High Winds

Protecting and maintaining your home is your main role as a homeowner. This is especially true when your property is being threatened by a windstorm. There are certain steps that can be taken to protect the house and attached patio covers from the occasional windstorm.

Choose the Right Material

Aluminum roofs are known to be both durable and affordable. It is also stylish enough to go with almost any aesthetic of patio. You will need to have a professional install the patio, though, as improper installation can lead to leaking.

Unlike vinyl, these patio covers are strong enough to withstand strong winds. However, they are not the most comfortable if you live in a hot area. Wood covers can be durable provided you do not live in an area that experiences a lot of rain. With Alumawood patio coves, you get the best of both worlds. It looks like wood, but it is low maintenance as it does not need to be sealed.

Make Sure You Have Attached Patio Covers Properly

If your patio cover is not installed properly, it can blow away and become a projectile, damaging your home. You can use a ledger to attach the patio cover to your house. You will need multiple columns or posts to support the cover.

Another option is to use columns to bolt the patio cover to the patio’s substructure. The columns will be used as a support for the beams and rafters. In the event that your patio cover is attached to your house, the ledger will act as a support for the rafters.

Address the Problems

It is important that if you notice an issue with your attached patio covers that you fix them immediately. This is especially true if a storm is rolling in. Failing to do so can cause a small issue to snowball into a bigger one.

You can save money on repairs by fixing problems before a windstorm. You can start by inspecting your patio and other areas for damage and see if you can repair the damages before the storm. This prevents broken parts from flying around and turning into projectiles.

Tie Down Loose Items

Damage from a storm can cost a homeowner $300 to $3,800 in patio repairs. Therefore, when preparing for a windstorm, it is important that you secure loose items. These items include patio furniture and plant containers.

Not doing so can cause damage to your home as the items can turn into projectile objects. You can stop the items from flying away by bringing them in or tying them to the ground.

Organize Your Garage

Before the storm, make room in your garage to store the items you cannot tie down. You can organize your garage preemptively so that you always have space to store your patio furniture or heavy outdoor vases.

You can also install overhead storage racks and shelving to help declutter your garage and keep it organized. If you do not have a garage, a shed works well in storing your outdoor items. You can also organize your shed to make the process more convenient.

Use Landscaping as a Means of Protection

Trees and shrubs are a great way to divert gusts of wind away from your attached patio covers. Choosing to plant trees that have low crowns, like maples, can block wind that is blowing close to the ground. You want to make sure you plant taller trees away from your house. This will prevent them from falling onto your patio in the event that the wind knocks them over.

If you have a tree that is taller than your house or less than 10 feet from your house, you should install a tree protection system. Should a windstorm knock over your tree, it will fall on the ground instead of your house or patio.

Trim Your Trees

You should trim your tree branches regularly. In the event that there is a storm, tree limbs are less likely to break if you do so. Once you start to see that the limbs are weakening or dying, you want to cut them as soon as possible.

It is important that you also examine the tree trunks for any signs of decay or deterioration. If the trees are dead, cut them down so they don’t fall on your patio or house during a storm. You also want to avoid overwatering your trees so they do not develop shallow root systems. A shallow system can make it difficult for a tree to resist strong winds.

Protect the Patio Surface

You can protect your patio against windstorms by having it stained and sealed. You want to rinse it first. Then, tackle any stains. Once you have scrubbed away the stains, you want to rinse it again.

If your patio cover is made out of wood, stain it and add a water repellent to it. Doing so will prevent water from getting into the wood. Water can cause wood to warp and splinter. If you have a concrete patio cover, applying a sealant will prevent the surface from being damaged by debris from the windstorm. It can also prevent staining.

Store Flammables Indoors

Before a storm comes, you should store flammable objects indoors. Lightning can sometimes cause fires. If your cushions are made from acrylic or T spun polyester, you should put them inside as they can catch fire quite easily.

Taking flammable items inside reduces the chances of having a lightning-related fire. A fire can lead to expensive repairs, and you may have to leave your home for an extended period of time if it comes to that.

Las Vegas Patio Builders

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