Wooden Deck or Stone Patio? Comparing the Benefits

One of the most popular things that homeowners choose to add to their home is an outdoor activity area. These usually come in the form of a patio or deck, both of which can increase the home’s value. But what route should you take for your own home? The following includes a list of benefits surrounding the option of implementing a wooden deck and stone patio.

Stone Patio Option

If you’re looking for a quick and good-looking project to take on, then a stone patio is your best bet. Because it’s one of the most important things for homeowners, let’s begin with the maintenance. A stone patio is at ground level, which means that although it will receive much more dirt and debris than a wooden deck, it is much easier to clean. Using a power wash machine is usually enough to remove dirt/grime from the stone. Next includes the visual aspect of a stone patio. By bringing in a celebrity patios Las Vegas company, your options in terms of designs grow immensely. This means that your patio can be as unique as you like it to be without too much of an extra cost.

Wooden Deck Option

If you’re looking to make a big statement, then a wooden deck is the way to go. Wooden decks are a marvel because of their size and aesthetics. In fact, many real estate agents will showcase a home’s deck and advertised it as family-friendly. These are especially great if you don’t live in an area that sees high rainfall numbers. This is because rainfall tends to hurt wooden decks the most. It should be noted that intense sunlight may also cause issues with the deck’s appearance.

Ending Remarks

Although both options provide homeowners with plenty of benefits, it all comes down to a couple of factors. These include how much you want to pay for the project and how much maintenance you’d feel confident doing.