How to Build a Backyard Reading Nook

Have you ever dreamed of having a backyard reading nook with a little bit of shade where you could just relax and read? Whether you envision your reading space on a deck, on a patio, or amid a cluster of shrubs and plants, it’s not that hard to go from the dream to the reality.

Building a Backyard Reading Space on a Deck

For an outdoor reading space on a deck, you could start with a bench. One made of wood with a hinged seat would provide storage space for seat cushions, throw pillows, and a throw to snuggle into if the night turns cool. A bench gives you space to put your feet up as you read, but it also provides a seat for someone else when you’re in the mood to talk about books or whatever else comes to mind.

Of course, you’ll want an end table or a coffee table where you can sit a drink and some snacks. A coffee table could offer more storage space under its top. A tall planter behind the bench filled with ornamental grasses or some other tall, dense plant provides privacy and some shade.

It’s always a good idea to provide shelter for at least part of an outdoor living space, and sheltering your outdoor reading space with a patio cover would be a good place to start. A latticed patio cover would dapple your reading space with rays of sun while protecting you from the heat and glare of the full Las Vegas sun.

Building an Outdoor Reading Space on a Patio

A wicker bench with colorful seat covers would fit right in on a patio. A wicker bench and coffee table could also supply storage space as well as a place for a drink and a snack. If your patio is out in the sun, you might want a solid patio cover with an insulated roof to create a cooler space. Tall shrubs or dwarf trees planted along the edge of the patio could provide privacy as well as protection from the elements. Of course, you can share the space, too, whenever you’re in the mood.

Building a Backyard Reading Nook in the Middle of a Garden

Create your garden reading nook in a quiet corner of your yard. Plant dwarf trees for shade and shelter, and surround them with aromatic herbs or flowering plants or shrubs. Give yourself a spacious hammock for lounging and reading, and shelter it with a latticed patio cover. Don’t forget to include a table of some sort where you can place drink and snacks.

When you’re ready to choose the best patio covers in Las Vegas for your backyard reading area or any other outdoor space you’re creating, contact Celebrity Patios. We can help you choose exactly the right one to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.