Colorful Plants to Make Your Desert Landscape Pop

If landscaping is on the top of your to-do list, but you’re not sure how to add color because of the desert climate you live in, you still have options. Achieving a colorful desert landscape is possible with a few plant additions that are often neglected or simply not thought about. The following list includes some of the best options you have at your disposal for creating a sustainable and beautiful yard.

“Blue Elf” Aloe for a Desert Landscape

If you don’t think that having green and color within your landscape is possible, then you haven’t’ seen the incredible “Blue Elf” aloe. This amazing plant can withstand not only the extreme heats of the desert but also its bitter cold nights. The plant blooms during mid-winter and through mid-spring.

Valentine Bush

As the name suggests, valentine’s bush begins to thrive around Valentine’s day. This small, yet colorful, bush provides homeowners with a beautiful array of reddish-pink blooms with a light green color as its background. This plant should be placed underneath the sun. Thus, you should contact a company to provide the best patio covers in Las Vegas that should prevent these plants from receiving direct sunlight.

Penstemon Eatonii, AKA the Firecracker Penstemon

If you really want the color in your landscape to pop, there is no better plant than the firecracker penstemon. The red-orange flowers that bloom from this plant instantly draw the attention of passer-byes. These low-grounded plants tend to bloom between the winter months and last all the way till spring. The only disadvantage of this type of plant is that its blooming can be short-lived. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prune right before it begins to fade to produce a smaller, yet second, bloom of the plant.