Have Grill-Ready Herbs Built Into Your Patio Landscaping

It’s usually very pleasant to sit outside in the evening especially if you have a covered deck or patio and an outdoor kitchen. You can take fresh herbs from your garden and enjoy cooking outdoors with family or friends.  You can select patio covers in Las Vegas to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

The main benefit of an outdoor kitchen is the pleasure of enjoying it with your family and friends. A covered patio may function as an additional room, especially if it contains some kitchen facilities. An herb garden can be planted as part of your landscaping or in a planter near your grill.

Your outdoor kitchen should be proportional to your Las Vegas home value. It is considered a better investment for increasing the value of your home than an upgrade to your inside kitchen.

Things to Consider When Planting an Herb Garden

When planting your herb garden in Las Vegas, you need to consider the soil first. Most herbs grow well in potting soil, but some need sandy soil. Rosemary, bay and lavender originated around the Mediterranean and need gritty soil that drains well.

Some good herbs to plant for cooking are mint, thyme, tarragon, cilantro and parsley. They need about six hours of sunlight a day, which shouldn’t be a problem in Las Vegas landscaping.

Some herbs grow well from seed such as basil, chervil, dill and sage. Other herbs such as oregano, lavender, thyme and mint grow well from cuttings. Division, which means separating or cutting the roots and planting the pieces, works well for garlic, marjoram, chives, oregano and thyme.

Not Just for Flavoring

Herbs can be used for many things such as fragrances and medicine along with flavoring for cooking. Many herbs are beautiful plants, which is a bonus for your landscaped garden. If you have a covered patio, you can put planters on the edge, so the herbs are easy to reach when you are cooking.