Ideas for an Outdoor Patio Theater

If you want a patio unlike anything else, then you need an outdoor patio theater. A patio is a great place for a theater because it can provide a blank space for people to gather. Here are a few ideas to consider in order to plan your next movie night.

Outdoor Patio Theater Planning: Enclosure

One part of your patio should be slightly enclosed, so you can show movies even during the day. Whether it’s a covered area or you use a pagoda, enclosing the space is important. Patio covers in Las Vegas can help your movie screen appear as bright as possible. A regular theater is dark. Your outdoor movie theater should also be as dimly lit as possible. The movie screen will be clearer and sharper.

Outdoor Patio Theater Planning: Comfort

No one wants to sit on a dining chair to watch a movie. You’re supposed to be relaxed. You need patio furniture that’s comfortable. Look for recliners or other soft pieces of furniture that allow you to sit back and look at the screen. You might also want to consider some tables. Popcorn and drinks are necessary for any movie. Having little tables to rest them on is a great little addition for all of your future movie nights.

Outdoor Patio Theater Planning: Decorations

For those who want to win at movie nights, decorations are the final detail to include. Anything from the choice of the movie screen to use to the lights hanging along the patio cover should be considered. For those who want to go for an old school aesthetic, using large bulbs and rope as a means to hold them up is a must. You might also want to include an old popcorn maker and posters of old films. Fairy lights also set the scene.