Building a Playground Into Your Hardscaping Doesn’t Have to be Hard

For those who have a large yard and plan on doing a lot of hardscaping, you may be worried that there won’t be any room for a playground. Why not marry the two concepts together? Here are a few ideas on how building a playground into your hardscaping isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Use What You Have When Building a Playground Into Your Hardscaping

The easiest way to make a playground out of your hardscaping is to use what already exists. Do you have cheap patio covers in Las Vegas? Use the strong structural beams as a swing. You can easily hang a swing off of a cover provided that it is strong enough to carry the weight.

Your children can swing back and forth beneath the cover both rain and shine.

Make Hardscaping Multi-Functional

Do you want a rock fence or some form of rock structure in your hardscaping? Then it could also be used as a playground for your children. You can have soft grass or even shredded wood that’s popularly used in playgrounds planted at the bottom to cushion any falls. Otherwise, the rock wall could have natural footholds that your children can use to climb.

For those who want to plant a garden, you could choose plants and flowers that look mystical or otherworldly. Make a maze out of it or make the bushes thick enough that your children feel as though they’re entering a new world whenever they go into the garden. Not only do you benefit from having a stunning garden, but it also becomes a place where your children can play and let their imaginations run wild.

If trees are more your thing, you could build connected treehouses at the top of them for your children.