3 Great Benefits of Freestanding Patio Covers

Whether you already have a bit of patio coverage or are seeking more, freestanding patio covers provide your yard, furniture and recreation areas with protection from the elements while adding a warm and cozy vibe to any outdoor space. Here are three benefits that this type of patio cover offers.

Freestanding Patio Covers Are Moveable

With this patio cover, you have the luxury of moving its location to any area you wish to shade. Some popular sites for placement are over hot tubs and small swimming areas, family and friend gathering spaces, and outdoor patio furniture. These highly versatile structures are also great for adding privacy and curb appeal that matches the style and ambiance of your home.

Easier Installation

Unlike patio structures that require attachment to the facade of your home, these covers are much easier to install, ordinarily taking less than a day to set up. In addition to being more convenient, the faster installation allows you to begin enjoying your outdoor oasis much sooner and prevents potential structural damage that could occur from connecting the cover directly to your house.

Weather Protection

These freestanding covers for your patio are fantastic for protecting your outdoor furniture and preserving the vibrant colors of your cushions from the harsh rays of the sun. Other elements, such as snow, rain and lightning, are also prevented from causing damage to popular patio luxuries like outdoor fireplaces, television sets and grills. Hot tub and pool tiles are kept in pristine condition as well, reducing the need for frequent repairs.

In rain or shine and sleet or snow, a freestanding cover is one of the best ways to enjoy any outdoor space while protecting your valuable furniture and recreational areas. You’ll create the backyard of your dreams that invites your family and friends to stay awhile and keeps your hot tub and pool in the shade and ready. Keep these fantastic benefits in mind when you’re looking for the best patio covers in Las Vegas.