5 Places to Add Gas Installations to a Patio

There are multiple ways to make an outdoor patio or a shared space an enjoyable platform for creative entertaining and social gatherings. These can include good use of such materials as brick, custom concrete or stone fireplaces or hardscaping, hardwood decks, stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture and various types of protective patio covers in Las Vegas. Properly-installed sound systems also add to the ambiance. But, of course, heating and cooking utilities are indispensable in creating a lively outdoor patio environment. To that end, here are five gas installations for a shared-space or patio location.

Fire Pit and Chat Sets

Especially when temperatures get cooler in the fall, fire pits act as small and smoke-free bonfires and a center of warmth and activity for a wood deck or patio. Fire pits can be flame-and-base designs or base-and-tabletop fire pit tables that serve as focal points for outdoor furniture sets or “chat sets”. Fire pits are also suitable centerpieces for terraces with latticed or radius patio covers in Las Vegas, providing customizable levels of shade while maintaining an airy and open atmosphere.

Patio Heater

Another option for chilly times, patio heaters come in various designs and sizes. Tabletops are good for porches or balconies while freestanding heaters can operate at more than 40,000 BTUs and cover larger deck or patio areas of 100 to 200 square feet or more. Freestanding heaters are typically narrow and space-saving designs but need to be kept more than two feet from furniture or a patio cover in Las Vegas yards.

Fireplace with a Patio Cover in Las Vegas

Fireplaces automatically bring a sense of an established living space or a central hearth for gathering or even roasting marshmallows. Whether of brick or stonework or a custom adobe or hammered steel design, a gas fireplace serves as an aesthetic and functional element in an outdoor space. Fireplaces work well with a wood or aluminum patio cover or pergola, creating a place of shelter.

BBQ Grill

Nothing quite makes an occasion as starting up a grill. Natural gas or propane grills have a unique ability to cook evenly and tune to various grilling styles, opening up a wide range of culinary possibilities. Whether it’s burgers, chicken, grilled veggies, pineapples or kabobs along with side dishes or sauces on side burners or shelves in advanced-model designs, gas grills make a barbequing event. And while grilling can work just about anywhere, a patio with a wood or aluminum patio cover in Las Vegas can bring some welcome protection.

It’s worth noting that the most cost-effective installations use professionally-installed gas line extensions to avoid repeated purchases of portable tanks and to ensure safe and legal operation. For locations without natural gas, however, portable propane is a worthy and adaptable option.

Pizza Oven Gas Installations

Patio and shared-space gatherings get that much more festive with pizza fired in an outdoor pizza oven. These compact and stylish pieces also run on propane or natural gas, and they have gained popularity recently for their versatility and fast cooking times. They’re like a gourmet pizzeria, serving piping-hot pizza right there at the patio. Pizza ovens can also work for roast chicken or baked pies or cookies, making them a multipurpose addition to a kitchen with aluminum awnings or a radius patio cover in Las Vegas, creating a complete center of operations for an outdoor chef.