Tips for Building a Pet-Friendly Patio Space

There’s nothing better than spending quality time with your dog right in your own backyard, maybe having a nice drink and playing a little fetch. But chances are, your patio area isn’t as dog-friendly as it could be. You want to give your dog the best life ever, and one way to do that is by transforming your patio into a version of doggy paradise. Below are some tips for creating a pet-friendly patio.

Play Time

When creating a patio for pets, you want to think about what it is that your dog loves doing. If they’re a digger, you can add something like a sandbox for them to dig through and have fun in. If you have a water dog on your hands, then a small kiddie pool or fountain area could be perfect for them.

Pet-Friendly Patio Above and Below

Another aspect to consider when building your dog-friendly patio space is the type of materials used on the ground. Adding a little bit of grass to your patio areas is always a good idea as dogs loving playing and rolling in it. Additionally, other outdoor materials, such as wood decks and stone pavers can get a little hot for paws to walk on, so grass can prove a cooling area for your dog. Patio covers in Las Vegas are also a good addition to your patio, as they provide much-needed shade to your outdoor area.

Think Safety

Safety should also be a consideration when building your patio. When choosing greenery, make sure you do your research and don’t choose any dog-toxic plants that could harm your best friend. If you have any raised deck areas in your patio, you also want to make sure that you secure loose slats or railings that could prove dangerous to your dog. Last, your dog may love grilling out as much as you, but grills, especially hot grease, can harm, dogs, so be sure to keep a designated grill area that can be accessed by your hungry pup.