Do Lifetime Warranty Patio Covers Really Last Your Lifetime?

There are a number of patio covers out in the market today that boast about their quality and durability. Some companies claim that their covers last a lifetime. Understandably, some buyers would be skeptical about these claims. Thus, the following includes a list of items that shed more light on this claim that a patio cover would last for a customer’s lifetime.

High-Quality Patio Cover Materials

The reality is that nothing can last forever, but a lifetime is possible. This is accomplished by having the patio covers built with the highest quality materials. However, materials are not the only thing that keeps these covers looking amazing. Through the use of various techniques, the material is further protected from the elements. For example, powder-coating is added to covers that are prone to rust, such as metal. Gutter systems are also implemented into some covers as a means to prevent water from sitting on top of the cover for too long.

Maintenance for Patio Covers

How long a patio cover will last also depends on how well it is maintained by the owner. Owners should make sure to clean their patio covers periodically to prevent mold and mildew from forming. If mold or mildew has already formed, it’s important to call the installer to have it removed before it can cause significant damage.


Lifetime Warranty

Another reason why lifetime patio covers will last a lifetime is because of the warranty. Most, if not all, customers will receive a lifetime warranty that provides them with the ability to obtain materials or labor help in the event that something happens to the cover. However, it’s not likely that you will experience any issues as each cover is manufactured and installed with the best possible procedures.