How to Practice Social Distancing and Landscape at Home

Social distancing is a practice designed to keep people safe and to stop the spread of germs and bacteria such as those associated with coronavirus. When you need to spend more time at home and less time out and about, you can use landscaping tips and practices to keep your garden looking its best. You’ll also find tips that help you spend time with loved ones while you’re at home too.

Use Space Outside

Keeping a minimum of six feet between you and other people can seem impossible when you’re at home. When using cheap patio covers Las Vegas residents find that it’s easy to do the landscaping they want while still keeping their distance from others. A clear cover lets you see everything outside and allows you to work in a safe space while still chatting with your loved ones. You can use one of these covers on almost any type of patio too.

Get Pro Help for Social Distancing

Even if you have a shelter in place order, you can still get professional help with your garden and landscaping needs. Not only can you hire pros to handle the planting of new fruit trees and flowers, but those experts can help with the projects that you keep putting off. Now is a great time to add flowering plants to add some color around your patio and to bring in new plants that you can care for during your time off. With social distancing practices, landscapers can do that work while remaining at a safe distance.

The government put social distancing measurements in place to stop the spread of coronavirus and as a way to keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. Though you need to spend more time in your Las Vegas home, you can still spend time with your family and friends. Knowing when to quarantine yourself and others as well as using a cover on your patio can help.