Choosing the Right Speakers for Different Patio Types

Outdoor speakers are essential for a great barbecue or backyard party. Whether you have a small covered patio or a large open space, there is an outdoor sound system containing the patio speakers that will give you the best sound possible.

For a Small Covered Patio or Deck

You may have one of the best patio covers Las Vegas has to offer, but if you don’t select the right outdoor sound system, you won’t hear the music properly. A small patio is suitable for stereo speakers because they are close to the seating arrangement. Each speaker should be about 10 feet apart. If you move them further apart, you’ll only hear sound from one speaker. Many people want the best sound at a dining table. For that, the table should be about 12 feet from each speaker.

Covered patios are suitable for in-ceiling speakers. They may be moisture-resistant and not be affected by humidity from summer heat or rain. If the patio is not covered, but you have eaves, you can mount the speakers under the eaves.

Patio Speakers for a Large Backyard

If your backyard has a covered patio, swimming pool area and fire pit area, you need a set of outdoor speakers so that good sound reaches every corner. Since there are usually no walls in a backyard, there is no way the sound can be reflected. To get the same volume you would get indoors, you need twice the power, and if you want to play it very loud, you will need a powerful receiver or amp. You may need to install several speakers around your yard to get the right volume. Stereo speakers are not recommended for large yards. It’s better to get speakers that play both the left and right channels.

The Music Source

You may have a player inside your home, but if you want to have better control of the music outside, it is recommended to have separate music sources for your outside speakers. It could be a wireless music player with built-in amp.