5 Fun Lawn Alternatives

Vibrant green lawns are the most popular home addition for a beautiful front or backyard, but they come at a cost. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to keep a lawn healthy and attractive. You need a regular regimen of fertilizing, spraying for pests, watering and frequent mowing. It’s hard to believe, but lawns are not environmentally friendly. The fuel for the mower and the amount of water they need is just the beginning. Fortunately, several fun lawn alternatives look good, save money and are good for the environment. Here are five of the best for Las Vegas.

Moss Instead of Lawn

There are several varieties of moss that need little watering and no mowing. It can withstand a bit of foot traffic and is drought-resistant. It provides a soft groundcover but needs to be planted in shady areas.

Creeping Charlie

Usually considered a weed that spreads easily, Creeping Charlie is a good alternative to lawn as it is soft, durable and requires little or no watering to thrive. It’s not easily damaged by pets or children.

Red Creeping Thyme

Your yard will be covered with bright, reddish blossoms in the summer and bronze leaves in the winter that makes a beautiful show. Red Creeping Thyme can withstand foot traffic and requires little or no water.


If you want to maintain the green ambiance clover is a good option. It requires no watering mowing or fertilizing and is inexpensive. If you have a large area, you’ll be glad it spreads quickly.


Chamomile has a delightful fragrance and looks very attractive. It is drought-resistant and will survive serious dry spells. Chamomile enriches the soil by providing nitrogen and other nutrients to surrounding plants.

If you are looking for an alternative to lawn after installing radius patio covers in Las Vegas, you have a wide selection from which to choose. Several attractive, drought-resistant, groundcovers will enhance the appearance of your yard.