What Grasses Grow Best in Your Landscaped Yard in Nevada?

Nevada has two seasonal areas for landscaping and grass growth. A landscaped yard has many benefits, and understanding what grasses to grow is important in keeping a healthy yard. When deciding which grasses to use, remember that an area like Las Vegas will have different landscape needs than an area like Reno.

Benefits of Having a Landscaped Yard

There are many benefits to having landscaping throughout your yard. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by utilizing the correct type of grass for your area. Environmentally, appropriately grassed areas will reduce topsoil erosion, increase oxygen, and decrease carbon dioxide locally to your area. Appropriate landscaping also increases the amount of water absorbed by the ground, decreasing runoff.

In addition to the environmental advantages, well-kept lawns create a relaxing area and increases curb appeal of your home. Having a neighborhood with grassed lawns cools the surrounding area as well, creating a more comfortable outdoor living area.

What Types of Grasses Grow in Nevada?

It’s important to understand that Nevada has more than one type of seasonal area for grasses. For example, Las Vegas will be considered an area for warm-season grasses whereas Reno would be considered an area for cool-season grasses. In the cool-season grasses area, species such as fine fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial rye grass can grow well. In an area for warm-season grasses, species such as Bermuda grass and zoysia grass grow well. Grasses that are generally considered suitable for Nevada are listed above and include tall fescue, buffalo grass, and bent grass. These are ideal for more sandy soils.

Ready for Your Yard?

After deciding on which species may be best for your area, it’s time to get your lawn planted and ready for the season. Leaving it up to the professionals may be the easiest way to go to ensure a full lush yard. Making your yard an oasis is easy with celebrity patios in Las Vegas. Once your yard is established, maintaining it is easy and can bring years of enjoyment and relaxation.