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What You Need to Know If You Plan on Starting Your Own Greenhouse

How to Maintain Your Own Arboretum If you are interested in growing your own plants all year long, including those that don’t typically thrive in your region, a greenhouse is a great option. Whether you already have some experience in this area or are a novice, there are some tips that can help you. Getting

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Choose the Right Patio Speakers and Placement for Great Outdoor Sound

Choosing the Right Speakers for Different Patio Types Outdoor speakers are essential for a great barbecue or backyard party. Whether you have a small covered patio or a large open space, there is an outdoor sound system containing the patio speakers that will give you the best sound possible. For a Small Covered Patio or

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Have a Patio? Ideas for an Outdoor Patio Theater That You Should Try

Ideas for an Outdoor Patio Theater If you want a patio unlike anything else, then you need an outdoor patio theater. A patio is a great place for a theater because it can provide a blank space for people to gather. Here are a few ideas to consider in order to plan your next movie

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Great Ideas for Building a Playground Into Your Yard’s Hardscaping

Building a Playground Into Your Hardscaping Doesn't Have to be Hard For those who have a large yard and plan on doing a lot of hardscaping, you may be worried that there won't be any room for a playground. Why not marry the two concepts together? Here are a few ideas on how building a

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Want a Treehouse but Have a Treeless Yard? Ideas for Treehouses

Treeless Yard? How You Can Still Have a Treehouse If your children want a treehouse but you have a treeless yard, then you might feel that they're out of luck. That isn't the case. You can still have a deconstructed treehouse if you understand the elements of what makes a treehouse a treehouse. It isn't

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Between Infinity Pools and Hot Tubs, Which Is Better?

Infinity Pools Versus Hot Tubs When you need to make the decision between infinity pools versus hot tubs, you have a lot of aspects to consider. Both go great with celebrity patios in Las Vegas, but each has its own strengths and weakness. To help you make the decision, here are a few things to

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Create a Garden With Beautiful Nevada Outdoor Herbs

How to Use Beautiful Nevada Outdoor Herbs in Your Landscaping Living in the desert can be tough when it comes to decorating outside of your home. When you're looking for the right Nevada outdoor herbs and plants, there are a few things you have to pay attention to. In Reno, Nevada, for example, the climate

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Tips to Help You Decide Whether You Should Install an Insulated Patio

Should Your Patio Be Insulated? In many homes, the patio area can be a highlight of the entire property. There are few things more enjoyable than enjoying your patio with friends or family. However, the climate can make using your patio uncomfortable during some seasons. Here are some factors to consider before you invest in

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Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Patio Cover Aesthetic for Your Home

Selecting a Patio to Match Your Home's Aesthetic A patio cover is truly one of the best ways to both enjoy and protect it. These are especially important during the summertime when temperatures begin to soar. However, there is more to choosing the best patio covers in Las Vegas than you might think. Therefore, the

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The Many Benefits of Patio Covers That Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Can Covering Your Patio Make Your Home More Energy Efficient? The simple answer is that patio covers shade and protect the area of your home that is connected to the patio. This means your house doesn’t heat as much, so your air conditioning cycles on less often. It also protects your outdoor furniture, so you

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