How Attached Patio Covers Provide UV Light Protection

From hosting backyard cookouts to breathing in the fresh air in a relaxed environment, there are many great things to love about being outdoors in the sunshine during the warmer months of the year in Las Vegas. However, one of the most notable downsides of too much time spent outdoors on sun-filled days is excess exposure to UV light. Fortunately, attached patio covers can provide protection from these potentially harmful rays while still allowing you to enjoy the many perks of outdoor living. Here’s a closer look at just how patio covers in Las Vegas can be a smart investment and how they can make your exterior spaces more appealing while also protecting you from UV rays.


The Dangers of Excess UV Light Exposure

Before diving into the many benefits of attached patio covers and how they can protect you from UV rays, let’s take a moment to learn more about UV rays. As for what ultraviolet (UV) light actually is, it’s a form of non-ionizing radiation naturally produced by the sun. It’s also the highest form of energy the sun produces. The American Cancer Society notes excess exposure to UV light, like what could happen from several hours spent outside on beautiful, sunny days, can contribute to an assortment of health issues. Some of these include:

• Skin cancer
• Premature skin aging
• Eye problems
• A weakened immune system

UV rays can also be an issue even on days when the sun isn’t fully shining. This is because UV rays can pierce through clouds and still be a potential health issue when outside for a long period of time.

It’s worth mentioning that sunlight itself isn’t “bad.” There are some positive health benefits that go along with the sun that warms our planet. For instance, sunlight plays an important role in the production of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for optimal bone and joint health. It’s also the most reliable natural source of this important vitamin.

So yes, getting some degree of sun exposure has its benefits. This being said, it’s still important to find a healthy and safe balance when it comes to sun and UV light exposure. An effective way to find this happy medium between sun exposure and sun protection is to explore your options with patio covers in Las Vegas.

How Attached Patio Covers Protect You

One of the most appealing perks of having a patio is being able to get in touch with nature in a more relaxing and convenient way. A patio cover that can be attached to a new or existing patio ups the convenience level by giving you some shelter from direct sunlight. However, you’ll still be exposed to sunlight along with the many other elements of nature found right in your own backyard.

What this means for you is the ability to freely enjoy your covered spaces without any added concern about excess UV exposure. You, your family, and any guests you may have over will then be able to spend extra time on your patio. Enjoy a wide range of activities without the added stress of worrying about UV exposure issues. Some of the many possibilities include:

• Grilling or preparing meals in an outdoor kitchen area
• Spending extra time sitting and relaxing with friends and family
• Enjoying some playtime with kids or grandkids without worrying about excess sun exposure
• Reading or watching an outdoor TV

Also, you won’t have to avoid using your patio during certain times of the day when there’s too much sun. Once you’ve properly installed a patio cover, you can enjoy your patio at any time, even when the sun is high in the sky. Plus, if you have an outdoor pool in your backyard, a covered patio can be a perfect place for anyone using the pool to relax when done with their pool fun. You can even do some sunbathing on a covered patio if you wish. It’s just a less direct way that can still leave you with a nice tan.

Patio covers in Las Vegas can also be a very much appreciated investment thanks to added perks that include:

• Making your patio cooler even on hot, sunny days*
• Reducing the risk of painful sunburns
• Boosting your home’s curb appeal and overall value

*On hotter Las Vegas days, patio covers may reduce temperatures by as much as 10 degrees!

UV-Protecting Patio Covers Won’t Sacrifice Aesthetics

You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics just to get some added UV protection in your outdoor spaces. In fact, experienced Las Vegas patio builders know how to help homeowners have a perfect balance between aesthetics and function. This is certainly true with patio covers that conveniently attach to an existing patio or one you’re planning to have built. You’ll also have plenty of options to consider with a cover for your patio.

For instance, Alumawood patio covers are made of a type of embossed aluminum with a textured wood grain finish. These covers are durable enough to attach artificial sources of light that might include energy-efficient LED-based recessed or pendant lighting. This is a great way to get some added illumination without experiencing direct exposure to the sun’s rays. What’s more, Alumawood won’t burn or peel, even when exposed to direct sunlight from the top. This makes regular maintenance and upkeep less of a burden.

You can also attach patio covers in a way that still gives you natural light, but in a more indirect way. One way to do this is with an attached cover that’s slanted downward. It should be higher toward your home and lower on the other end. With this particular arrangement, extra sunlight can still flow into your patio space to give you more natural light. You can even use covers made of materials that allow for some light to flow through. You’ll still be sheltered from full sunlight exposure. The possibilities are nearly limitless!

Making an Existing Patio More Appealing and Safer

As mentioned above, attached patio covers can be added to both newly built and existing patios. This incredible flexibility means an older patio you still love and enjoy can become shaded and protected from excess UV rays. Accomplish this in a way that’s affordable, quick and easy, and visually appealing. A cover can even be extended in a way that keeps excess sun away from potted plants on your patio that don’t do well in direct sunlight.