The Best Plants to Grow Under Attached Patio Covers

Adding furniture can be a great way to make your patio functional and more attractive. You can also choose paint and add decor to personalize your patio. Growing plants can also add beauty to your garage. Even with attached patio covers, it is possible to grow plants that are thriving.

Nemesia and Attached Patio Covers

Resembling little snapdragons, the Nemesia stays in bloom between spring and fall. They like partial sun in warmer climates which makes them a great plant for patios. If you live in a colder climate, they prefer full sun. Two popular varieties of this plant are Bluebird and Sunsatia Blood Orange.


You can get Begonias in a variety of types and colors. Some of them have showy foliage. They enjoy the shade which is perfect for your patio. Although many people keep them as annuals, you can overwinter them by bringing them indoors during winter. However, be aware that they tend to drop leaves which can create a mess indoors. Two popular varieties you can grow are Funky Pink and Sparks Will Fly.


Fuchsia is an annual that enjoys a shady patio. They have beautiful flowers that come in three dramatic shades of pink, red, and purple. You can plant them in window boxes and hanging baskets. Butterflies, as well as hummingbirds, enjoy them. For varieties to try, go with Swing Time and Dark Eyes.

Kale, Lettuce, and Spinach

Buying salad greens at the supermarket can cost a pretty penny. To save money, you could try growing them yourself. They thrive in both window boxes and pots. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of seed over the soil and keep the soil moist until you see the seeds are sprouting.

Once they are a few inches tall, you can cut what you need. You can also plant a salad mix. Just make sure the plants are getting a lot of sun. You can try planting Lettuce Sandy and Tuscan baby leaf kale.

Four O’Clock

The Four O’Clock annuals may have been a staple in your grandma’s garden. Their flowers have a trumpet shape that opens up in the late afternoon, which explains the name. They are very easy to plant from seed. They also have a really nice scent. Try planting Scent Peach Sunset and Broken Colors varieties.

Cherry Tomato

You don’t need to stake cherry tomatoes, which makes them great for attached patio covers. These patios tend to grow in bush form. So, you can plant them in a pot or hanging basket. They require a minimum of six hours of full sun daily. You could try growing Patio Choice Yellow and Goodhearted varieties.

Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme is a perennial herb that grows really fast. You can use it as ground cover. It also thrives in pots. It has beautiful pink and purple flowers that bloom in the late spring. Pollinators enjoy their flowers.

This herb is really hard to kill because it can survive in dry conditions as well as poor soil. The Creeping Thyme enjoys full sun. The Pink Chintz and Hi Ho Silver are a couple of varieties you can try planting.


Peppers have various degrees of spice. They come in many shapes and sizes. The older varieties require staking, but newer ones are compact and do well in containers. You can yield small peppers that are two or three inches across. Peppers require full sun. Peppers come in an array of shapes and sizes with varying degrees of spiciness.

While older types usually need staking, some new varieties are more compact so they work well in containers. Some types yield little peppers that are just two to three inches across! All peppers need full sun. You can try growing Mad Hatter and Sweetie Pie varieties.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses usually are perennial. However, if you plant them in pots, they may be less hardy by two zones than what is written on the plant tag. These plants make great privacy screens when you plant them in large pots. You can put the pots around your patio’s edge. These plants require full sun. You can try planting Purple Fountain Grass and Feather Reed Grass varieties.


Buying berries at the supermarket can cost a lot of money. They also don’t last very long. Growing the berries yourself can be a great money saver. The older varieties of blueberry bushes make for a great barrier hedge. However, their thorny canes can make it difficult to harvest the berries and manage the bush. Peach Sorbet and Jelly Bean are some varieties you can try.


Also known as the firecracker plant, Cuphea are a fan favorite amongst pollinators. Its tubular photos come in a bright red, purple, or orange. These bright colors make it an enjoyable annual for your patio. They enjoy the heat and require full sun. They also need to watered often. Try planting Flamenco Samba and Vermillionaire varieties.


Strawberry plants are little, adorable plants that you can put in containers and baskets. They need a lot of sun. Not only are they beautiful, but you can harvest their delicious fruits throughout the season. Some varieties to try planting are Berried Treasure and Delizz.


Known for their sweet smell, lavender has purple flowers with silvery foliage. It is a popular perennial that you can plant in flower beds and pots. Not only can you use the plant to decorate your patio, but you can use the flowers to make cones and butters.

You can also put dry lavender in sachets to put in your clothing drawer. In order to flower, lavender needs full sun. You may enjoy Sweet Romance and Thumbelina Leigh varieties.


Coleus is an annual that comes in a range of colors including lime green and maroon. They also have many heights and leaf shapes. Its foliage can make it a great addition for mixed annuals in containers. They like the shade, but some newer varieties can tolerate the sun well. You may enjoy ColorBlaze Golden Dreams and Chocolate Mint varieties.

Sweet Potato Vine

The Sweet Potato Vine has many colors ranging from lime green to a reddish-purple. It is an annual. The leaves have a rounded or angular shape. This plant needs a lot of space to grow. You can’t plant it with other plants in a container as other plants can be crowded. It doesn’t mind partial shade. Try planting Sweet Caroline Red Hawk and Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime varieties.

Lamb’s Ear

Lamb’s Ear is a weather-hardy perennial that has silver foliage resembling the ears of a lamb. This can plant can be used in a variety of settings like your lawn or on your patio. You can also put them in mixed planters. They thrive in a variety of soil types and like full sun. They can deal with partial shade though. You may want to try growing Cotton Boll and Big Ears varieties.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum is an annual plant that has a sweet fragrance. You can place this plant in a hanging basket or window box. The Sweet Alyssum remains in bloom for a long time and is hardy enough to survive a light frost. This plant enjoys full sun can thrive in a little bit of shade. Some popular varieties are the Blushing Princess and the Snow Princess.


You can purchase succulents in a number of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are also very easy to grow and can survive in extreme cold. When buying the succulents, look at the tags on the plants to make sure they match your hardiness zone. The succulents enjoy full sun and can tolerate droughts. Some varieties you can try are Hens, Chicks, and Jet Beads.


The Caladium is a tropical plant that loves the sun. They have gorgeous, large leaves with bright colors. They thrive well in pots. So, in the summer, you can keep it on the patio. In the winter, you can bring them indoors. When it comes to varieties, you should try Red Flash and Florida Moonlight.


Most people don’t think of eggplant when they think of ornamental plants. However, they are attractive. This is especially true when the baby eggplants start to mature. Due to the fact that they are compact, they are great for containers. The eggplants can be harvested easily as they don’t have thorns. They enjoy full sun. You should try to grow Fairy Tale and Patio Baby varieties.

Brighten Up Attached Patio Covers

There are a variety of plants you can grow under attached patio covers. You can grow herbs, flowers, and food to add life and color to your patio. They can also provide you with pleasant scents that can relax you.