Attach Alumawood Patio Covers in Las Vegas to Vinyl-Sided House

Adding a patio cover to your house is a great way to create a comfortable outdoor space. You can host guests in your backyard all while keeping the rain and sun at bay. If you have a vinyl-sided house, you can attach Alumawood patio covers in Las Vegas to your house.

What Is Alumawood?

Aluminum patio covers in Las Vegas, NV are a great option. Alumawood is aluminum that is designed to look like wood. Not only does Alumawood look beautiful, but it is a low-maintenance product. The material is durable enough to outlast other materials that are on the market.

Quality of Alumawood Patio Covers in Las Vegas

Alumawood patio covers are cheaper than other covers when you consider the longevity of these covers. Made in the United States, this product is made of high-grade aluminum. Covered in Alumashield paint, the Alumawood has a durable finish.

It is structurally sound and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty includes all materials such as the paint finish. Amerimax, the manufacturer of Alumawood, has been producing patio covers for well over 50 years. They use state-of-the-art engineering to make well-crafted patio covers.

Why Choose Alumawood Over Wood?

Although wood is very beautiful, it can be prone to burn, peel, warp, crack, or rot. It can even attract pests like termites. These are not issues you have to contend with when you have an Alumawood patio cover. You also do not have to spend time maintaining the patio cover like you would with a wooden one.

The paint finish makes it easy to wash off. Use a garden hose and soft-bristled brusg to clean it. You can purchase a long-handled car washing brush to do so as it makes it easier to reach high up. It repels dirt, dust, and stains. So, it is easy to keep the Alumawood patio cover clean. The cover is long-lasting because it is impervious to UV and weathering. It is less likely to fade or chalk.

Sometimes, mildew can occur, though. It usually shows up as black spots. If you notice mildew is accumulating on the surface of the Alumawood patio cover, you remove it easily with a few solutions. You use detergent, trisodium phosphate powder, or sodium hypochloride 5% solution.

The Design

Alumawood patio covers are designed to fit flawlessly with your home. Their finish enhances the aesthetic of your home due to their wood appearance. This patio cover reflects the fact that it is crafted with the highest quality.

The lattice system is a great way to reduce sun exposure between 40% to 60%. The great thing is it will not block out the cool breeze coming your way. You can also customize it by adding lights and ceiling fans. You can also install double beams or post columns.

With the solid panel system, you can protect your outdoor space from the sun, rain, as well as snow. The cover is watertight. Extending up to 20 feet, the cover keeps your entire patio protected from the elements. Customize this system with ceiling fans and lights. You can also add double beams and post columns. You may choose to attach the panel structure to your home or let it stand on its own.

If you want 100% protection from the elements, you can choose the insulated panel system. With the tongue-and-groove connections locking together, you are able to create a solid roof for your patio. It has an insulated foam core. So, no matter the weather, your patio will have a comfortable temperature, which means you can spend more time outside entertaining your friends and family. This system is customizable. So, you can place ceiling fans and lights in the cover. You can also add post columns and double beams.

Attaching a Patio Cover to a Vinyl-Sided House

Attaching a patio cover involves some planning. You want to make sure the patio is level. Install the support beams. Next, you want to put in the Top Plate and Rafters. Then, use Flashing to connect the patio cover and house.

When it comes to the patio roof ledger, you need to attach the ledger of the patio roof just underneath the eaves of the house, provided it is a one-story house. If you do not have the headroom to do this, you can install the rafters of the patio on the top plate of the wall.

If you have a two-story home, look for the band joist between the floors and tie the ledger into it. In order to find the band joist, simply use a second-story window to measure down. To take on this project, you will need power circular saws, 16-foot tape measure, caulking gun, expanding anchor bolts, and 4-foot levels.

In order to mount the ledger of the patio roof, you will need to cut away the vinyl siding. You need to remove enough siding to tuck flashing behind the siding that is located above the ledger. It should overhang the siding that is beneath the ledger.

The ledger needs to be attached to the frame of the house via wall studs or second-floor joists. In order to have the strongest connection, put the bolts through the ledger, house sheathing, and band joist. It then needs to be fastened with nuts and washers on the other side. If you cannot access the other side, you can replace the bolts with lag screws and washers.

If you are unable to fix the ledger to a floor joist, you can fasten it to wall studs. You can find these studs on 16-inch or 24-inch centers as well as around doors and windows. Use a nail to temporarily put the ledger in place. Make sure it is leveled and positioned properly. Then, use a bolt or lag-screw to fasten the ledger the frame of the house with pilot holes.

The lag screws and bolts should be half an inch in diameter. Place them every 16 inches. Next, you want to put washers between the siding and ledger so water can flow out.

Ensuring a Quality Installation

Although it is possible to install the patio yourself, it can be a daunting process. Hiring professionals can be a great way to make sure your patio covers in Las Vegas are installed properly the first time. It can only take a few hours to have attached patios installed.