5 Trendy Alumawood Patio Covers for Las Vegas Gazebos

A patio gazebo is a beautiful statement that makes your property instantly look elevated and sophisticated. Alumawood patio covers in Las Vegas are great options if you want a roof that will stand the test of time. Instead of standard wood roofing that festers and needs repairs with time, a metal patio cover will last for years in all climates. Though there are literally hundreds of patio cover styles, we’ve compiled five up-and-coming ones. We think you’ll appreciate these and be able to use them for inspiration for your own project.

Why Choose Alumawood Patio Covers in Las Vegas?

Both attached patio covers and free standing patio covers in Las Vegas need to be durable enough to survive harsh Nevada weather. This includes heat and humidity to colder temperatures in the winter. Certain styles of patio gazebo roofs aren’t the best if you want them to stand the test of time.

The classic wooden gazebo roof is timeless and elegant. However, they’re not perfect. They may become damaged by weather, be difficult to have installed by Las Vegas patio builders, and even cost more. The same issues are there when it comes to concrete, asphalt, and other shingles. Alumawood patio covers in Las Vegas and other metal gazebo roofs are a good option because:

• Durable – metal roofing lasts as long as the gazebo itself, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about replacing it
• Lightweight – metal roofing tiles weigh much less than traditional options
• Easy Installation – metal roofing materials are sized well and lightweight, making for quick installation
• Weatherproof – metal roofing remains in good condition through all weather types, include rain, humidity, and even snow
• Fireproof – metal roofing will protect your patio and gazebo in case of a fire
• Cooling – metal roofing materials reflect the sun’s rays and keep the heat from seeping into the gazebo

Air Metal Design and Roofing

This is a great gazebo and roof if you’re wanting to keep an open and airy look. The gazebo is made from four metal supports that are a lot like trellises. This design is easy to transport if you’re into redecorating your property. It’s a great style for those who love nature and gardening. Beautiful plants and vines can easily snake up these metal supports. They’re even designed to hang plants from so you can have a backyard nature oasis.

Most of these come with open roofs, meaning that the structure will last a long time, being completely made of metal. If a roof is important to you, consider standard alumawood patio covers in Las Vegas or go with an airy fabric roof to pull together the open bohemian look. A fabric roof is typically white and almost fairytale like, making it great for weddings and other celebrations. These roof covers can be hand or machine washed and are a long-lasting and simple approach to a gazebo roof.

Cottage Style Gazebo and Roofing

A cottage style gazebo and roof is great if you want to bring a little old world charm into your life. This style reminds us of something out of a fairytale or a place to sit and be one with nature while sipping on a hot cup of Joe. The roof has a high peak that looks classic and elegant, making it an excellent option for a metal roof.

This roofing style is ornate and a real statement piece, great for starting conversations and turning heads. Of course, the gazebo beneath is just as important. A cottage style roof pairs well with a white picket fence type railing and matching columns. A classic and clean white is best for keeping the look timeless.

Ornate Roofing

An ornate patio roof is one of our favorite designs out there. It’s been around for a long time now, but it’s only recently coming into style. This trend, we believe, is here to stay however. With a cultural, Asian inspired look, this unique statement piece will bring life to any gazebo or patio area.

Most variations of this trend, including those made by Alumawood patio covers Las Vegas, have a three-tiered structure and a small peak at the top. Each layer looks elegant and enchanting and truly stands out among your foliage and backyard plantings. This ornate design is complex and beautiful. Some people like to match their metal ornate roof with the one on their home and with a design this beautiful we think it’s a great idea.

Pointed Roofing

A pointed roof gazebo style is similar to the cottage style patio we mentioned earlier. Like the cottage style, these pointed Alumawood patio covers in Las Vegas really draw the high and make you stop to admire their beauty. This roof style goes well with more intricately designed round gazebos. A gazebo with detailed fence posts that look charming and elegant would pair well with this roofing option.

This pointed roof differs to that of the cottage style with the unique spear that juts from the top. This helps pull the entire look together. Paired with an earth-colored floor and beautiful landscaping, these patio covers in Las Vegas are both trendy and unique.

Oval Roofing and Design

An oval shaped roof allows you to have a bigger, more expansive gazebo. If you’re big on entertaining, this style roof and gazebo would be great for you. An oval roof looks great on a free-standing structure, but it’s also a great option for attached patio covers. A good example of this is a large gazebo attached to a commercial patio for entertainment or restaurant purposes.

Even with a metal roof instead of a traditional one constructed from wood or concrete, this style looks very traditional. Even though it’s just now trending, the style has been around with some amount of popularity for decades now. The gazebo itself can be an older wooden structure or a brand new, all metal structure to avoid weather related problems. Either way, know that a large oval patio gazebo roof is a fantastic option to consider if you routinely have crowds of people on your property.