Improve Acoustics in Your Backyard

To build successful acoustics for your backyard spaces, purchase materials or items to help you lessen the unwanted noises. Those suggestions here, like lifetime patio covers, will help you create a pleasant environment.

Install a Solid Fence for Noise Reduction

To reduce the noise from outside of your backyard, you can construct a tall fence. The tall fence can bounce back the noise. Instead of using a wooden fence, a masonry wall will be best. The wood fence has gaps, which is where the noise goes through. Using a solid concrete fence would be ideal to withstand the sound waves. Fences with noise absorbing blankets work but are not as attractive as concrete fences. You could go for fences taller than six feet, but many cities require a permit.

Using Water Devices to Improve Acoustics

Another way to block the noise would be to install a fountain. A fountain can create white noise which is soothing to our mind and helpful against irritating noises. Those irritating noises would be horns, ambulance sirens, traffic, and lawnmowers. For the fountain, it would be more economical to use water from rain barrels or from the faucet instead from the hose. You can also have the fountain to only run during rush hour to save on water.

Use Plants as Noise Blockers

Tall plants can block noise. A big tree trunk can bounce back some noise based on the psycho-acoustics specialists. As long the trees are tall and big enough, the specialists believe that even noises from a semi-trunk can be affected. Boxwoods would be a good choice to use as noise blockers.

Use Plants for Natural Noise Creators

When the wind comes through the leaves of a tree, it creates white noise. Having a tree like an evergreen that has big leaves would be more ideal than a tree that loses their leaves during winter time. Palm trees or leucadendrons can even create enough ambient noise from the wind.

Improve Acoustics by Sinking the Yard

You can lower the outdoor living space by just two feet under the ground level. This will create a wall of soil that will help lower the noise. Let’s say you have six-foot fences besides the two feet under the ground level, you’ve just created eight feet of sound barrier.

Using Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been used for a very long time and are perfect to mask undesired noises. It is very inexpensive to buy. When you get wind chimes, have both metal and wood wind chimes to soften their sounds.

Outdoor Speakers

You can use music from the outdoor speakers to reroute your attention from the traffic sounds or other annoying noises. You could use preferable wireless weatherproof speakers versus wired ones.