Selecting Kid-Friendly Plants for Your Yard

Children are a curious and imaginative bunch. For them, a garden isn’t something to admire rather something to run around and play in. This is why parents or anyone who has children over their home often should be aware of the type of plants they add. Therefore, the following list includes some of the best kid-friendly plants for your yard.

The Boston Fern Is Kid-Friendly

There’s a reason why people love to add Boston Ferns to their yard, and that’s because they are both beautiful to look at and hard for children to reach. In fact, many cheap patio covers Las Vegas companies will recommend adding these in order to make the cover that much more appealing.

Helxine Soleirolii, aka Baby Tears

Unlike the name, this type of plant won’t make your baby tear up. Helxine Soleirolii plants are perfectly safe to have either planted on the grown or stored within various pots around your yard. However, most homeowners usually decide to place these above shelves as they look amazing hanging down.

Christmas Cactus Plant

There’s no doubt about it; cactus are very dangerous, especially for children. However, due to their odd shape and look, kids naturally gravitate to them. This is why it’s not recommended to have them in your yard if children are present. But what if you really want to incorporate some sort of cactus? Fortunately, you do have a great alternative in the Christmas cactus plant. These are extremely safe for both children and any pets you may have around.

Areca Palm Plant

If you’re looking for something that is both lush and durable, the Areca palm plant is your best bet. Not only is the plant perfectly safe for children to be around with, but they are durable to where they won’t break off easily if a child gets a hold of them.