3 Outdoor Pizza Oven Tips for Scrumptious Pizza

When you install an outdoor pizza oven, you are adding a component that many celebrity patios in Las Vegas are known for. These wood-fire outdoor ovens tend to deliver scrumptious pizza since this is how they were first cooked in Italy. To maximize the flavor of the tasty entree, here are some tips to consider.

Fire the Outdoor Pizza Oven Up Ahead of Time

Electric and gas ovens have an “on” switch that you flip. A wood oven does not. Regardless of the oven-type, you are encouraged to pre-heat it before use. An outdoor oven powered by fire to cook pizza requires a pre-heat of at least two hours. Some in the cooking industry recommend three. To cook the pizza all the way through and evenly, the fire has to get as hot as safely possible. If you make your own dough, heat the oven while the dough is rising. To maintain the heat, add a stick of hardwood about every ten minutes.

Place the Pizza Close to the Flame

In order for the pizza to cook in an efficient manner, you want to place it close to the flame. Make sure you are focused while it cooks so that it does not burn. As it cooks, the crust will rise. It can take as little as 90 seconds.

Rotate the Pizza

Before the pizza is fully cooked, you have to rotate it 180 degrees, once. Carefully rotate the dish. Your goal is to leave it over the same spot. If you push it further in or to the side, it may burn. A slight char is good, but not a burnt bottom. It only takes another 90 seconds to be done.