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Tips on How to Properly Place LED Backyard Lighting

Surprising Locations for LED Backyard Lighting If you like to socialize with friends at night, then you may be wishing that you had better lighting within your backyard. After all, you want to not only keep everyone safe but create an environment of tranquility. LED backyard lighting is one of the best routes to take

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Constructing a Safe and Beautiful Fence Without Annoying the Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Tips to Make Yours Safe and Beautiful There's no doubt about it; homeowners want their privacy when working or lounging in their back or front yard. However, this can be difficult when there is a wide gap of exposed land between yourself and your neighbors. This the reason why so

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Tips on Adding UV Protection to Your Backyard Elements

UV Protection for Backyard Elements One of the most important parts of a homeowner's property is their backyard and the items stored within it. Therefore, it can be quite disappointing when these items begin to deteriorate faster than you like them to. Often the sun's harmful UV rays are responsible for their deterioration. Unfortunately, you

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Tips on How to Choose Between Backyard Playground Equipment Options

3 Beautiful and Fun Playground Equipment Options for Your Backyard Your backyard is a great place for your kids to spend time swinging, sliding and playing. There are many fantastic playground sets that'll meet their need for fun while beautifying your outdoor space. Here are three great playground equipment options for your backyard. Redwood Swing

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Lighting Outdoor Stairs Safely With Inconspicuous Lighting

6 Ideas for Lighting Outdoor Stairs Safely and Inconspicuously Just as sheltered outdoor living spaces provide protection from sun and rain that let you enjoy your outdoor living space longer, so lighting your outdoor stairs allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space safely into the night. There are several ways to safely and unobtrusively

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Just How Much of My Small Backyard Should I Cover?

3 Things to Consider With Small Backyard Coverings One way to make a small backyard more attractive, usable, and versatile is to place a covering over your patio. However, you may be wondering how much of a backyard should actually be covered if you're limited on space. Below, you'll find three things to consider with

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How to Determine If You Should Build a Wooden Deck or Stone Patio

Wooden Deck or Stone Patio? Comparing the Benefits One of the most popular things that homeowners choose to add to their home is an outdoor activity area. These usually come in the form of a patio or deck, both of which can increase the home's value. But what route should you take for your own

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Tips on How to Prep Your Backyard for Easy Holiday Decor

3 Great Ways to Prep Your Backyard for Easy Holiday Decor Holiday time is the most wonderful time of the year, and prepping your backyard should be just as simple and fun. Here are three great ways to get your backyard ready for some easy holiday decor. Yard and Deck Prep For yards with grass,

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